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March 2015
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Climate Science Literacy v Human Caused Global Warming

In a very insightful study led by Yale researchers, evidence suggests that an individual’s relative climate science literacy has little to no impact on his or her belief that human caused global warming is a true phenomenon. In fact, those who scored highest on the literacy test were most likely to be the most polarized in opinion over humans’ role in current climate changes. The data from the study illustrates that American adults are split evenly over whether they believe humans have played a significant role in climate change, or whether we have not. Lead researcher Daniel Kahan points out that often, irrespective of how much an individual knows, political party lines delineate which faction with respect to humans involvement in global warming an individual will fall into.

If this is truly the problem, Kahan explains in recent commentary that Alexei Beltyukov read,  that the current methods of climate science education are missing the mark. Simply telling the public that there are huge risks in the offing will do little to sway politically grounded convictions. And while educating the populous is crucial, even more critical is how the nation will react to this problem as a whole. Whether through human intervention or not, global warming is already causing substantial problems, which challenges the way we live today. Does it not stand to reason that we should be seeking to solve these issues, as opposed to looking where to point the blame?

Bruce Levenson’ Generous Monetary Donation

The University of Maryland received on February 2015 a generous $5.6 million dollar donation from Atlanta Hawks’ co-owner Bruce Levenson and his wife Karen. This donation spearheads the Center For Philanthropy And Nonprofit Leadership. This school organization is a center for philanthropic courses which enable students to donate $10,000 gifts to deserving charitable organizations.

So, basically, the Levensons are giving to help others give in return; a monetary gift which continues to keep on giving. A “living and learning” dormitory was created for sixty incoming students who’ll be taking the specific philanthropy courses at the school.

During the first semester of 2015, thousands of students will participate in the Do Good Challenge, an event organized and managed by the Center specifically to teach others to give to organizations that help mankind. In addition 12 students were sent to India to work with several NGOs that help increase the standard of living among the Indian community and aid with natural conservation efforts.

All these noble endeavors are possible thanks to the monetary gift by the Levensons. According to Mr. Levenson, “The mission of the center is two-fold. We’re giving students in the program the skills and experiences needed to be the next generation of leaders in the non-profit sector.” Wife Karen Levenson, an alumni at the school, adds, “It is leveraged philanthropy at its best.”

Students, upon completion of the program, are sought after by non-profit organizations; some students have started their own charities themselves with the Center’s support. The monetary gift is one which will undoubtedly continue to influence the lives of many well into the future as creative, influential ways are created to give back to communities.

For more information on Bruce Levenson, check out his official website.

For Spine Help Turn to North American Spine

A working and functional spine is important to have as part of good health. The spine serves as the basis for the rest of the body. When the bones of the spine are in good working order and properly in alignment, the result is a body that is fit and enables anyone to be able to do many different kinds of activities. When someone’s spine is solidly working, people can find it much easier to do activities such as walking, running errands and even participating in advanced level physical activities such as dancing ballet and and even running a marathon.

When someone has a spine that suffers from problems such as bones that are not in the right alignment or when the bones have suffered from lack of calcium and therefore deteriorated, the result is often debilitating pain and lack of ability to function on a day to day basis. Someone who has coping with pain from their spine may find it hard hard to stand up for long periods of time, walk correctly or even sit down for more than a short time without severe pain. In that case, spine help is imperative. The right help can help make sure that the patient will be happier and healthier as well as being able to carry out the activities that they need to do in order to function each day.

North American spine can help patients from all walks of life the kind of help that they need in order to be pain free. This Greater Dallas area practice has helped hundreds of patients have a more functional spine and live better lives. Doctors at the practice have helped develop highly effective, minimally invasive spine procedures that help patients get access to surgical techniques that can provide them with the kind of relief that they need in order to be able to regain full range of motion in their spines and emerge from the surgery with a fully functional back that is no longer in pain.

With the use of the practice’s AccuraScope procedure, patients are able to have more functional necks as well as upper back and lower back relief from pain. The procedure used here is highly precise and allows doctors to provide their patients with far better treatment that can offer the fastest possible recovery time for anyone who is going to use it for help.

Laurene Powell Jobs: Intelligence and Ideas at the Education Core

There’s no doubt that Laurene Powell Jobs is an extremely wealthy person. What makes individuals with an overabundance of assets the real deal, is when they put their money where their mouth is, as the old saying goes and that’s exactly what this incredible philanthropist is doing.

Laurene Powell Jobs is of course, the widow of Apple, Inc. co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs. She maintains a relatively low profile while expanding her many charitable works. Powell Jobs has quite an impressive background, too, with a B.A. in business from the University of Pennsylvania, a B.S. in economics from the Wharton School of Business and an M.B.A. from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. She spent a number of years in investment banking and later co-founded a natural foods company in California.

Powell Jobs has branched out into the political world with her presence as an immigration reform advocate. Most recently, the active mother of three is listed among the elite donors of the Ready for Hillary super pac that has already raised $6 million in support of a Clinton presidential run in 2016. Where she appears to be most powerful is at the major non-profit level.

Education has developed into a huge, important mission for Powell Jobs. She established College Track, an after school program created to help low-income students get into college and thrive there through graduation. College Track reaches young students beginning the summer before high school and works with them throughout college. The program offers help in tutoring, extra-curricular activities and leadership classes.

Powell Jobs is also the founder and chair of the Emerson Collective, a unique organization that embraces entrepreneurship to expand social reform and help under-resourced students.

Perhaps President Lyndon B. Johnson said it best in his Message on Education back in 1965:

“….Education is ‘the guardian genius of our democracy.’ Nothing really means more to our future, not our military defenses, not our missiles or our bombers, not our production economy, not even our democratic system of government. For all of these are worthless if we lack the brain power to support them and to sustain them….”

Economists Recommend Trade School Education

As the United States economy continues on a path of recovery, there are some economists that are promoting a skilled trade career path over one that requires a college degree. The main reason behind this idea is the rising costs of education compared to the salary one could expect after completing the degree. For instance, a person pursuing a college degree with the ambition of teaching grade school may take on debt of $60,000 while the average salary starting out in education is roughly $35,000 annually. While it has been said anyone going to teach school does not do it for the money was not kidding, they certainly didn’t do it to go in debt either.

However, there are those who choose a different career path, one that requires less education but has a substantially better pay. For instance the trades of electrician, plumber, even HVAC technicians all have the potential of making decent salaries that will provide the average worker a middle class lifestyle capable of staying off of government assistance and support a family. Most trade schools have also partnered with local community colleges and offer Associate’s degrees after completing the training programs. Average costs of community college tuition are less than $2000 per semester and will not leave the student in a mountain of debt after graduation. This makes sense to people like Susan McGalla (Cnbc) because  many trade industries are constantly hiring and looking for new workers as technology advances make the need for technicians in higher demand.

Keith Mann’s Dynamics Search Partners Launches Partnership with Uncommon Schools in NYC

Keith Mann is the co-founder of Dynamic Search Partners, a recruiting company based in New York.

Dynamics Search Partners is excited to proclaim its joint venture with Uncommon Schools based in New York. On September 13, a group of administrative recruiters from Dynamics Search Partners, comprising of its initiator Keith Mann, convened with the higher class for one day of resume development at Crown Heights Charter high school. The 5-member group from Dynamics Search Partners had 2 resume development workshops in which they stayed with students personally to assist in advising, assess as well as edit the resumes prepared by students that are going to be part of their university applications starting this fall.

Keith Mann stated that they were thrilled to be doing something worthwhile with Uncommon School. He continued to say that they had an amazing day exploring the school, attending classes as well as convening with all seniors. It was motivating to notice how enthused the students were to join college. They raised thoughtful queries and were ready to find out how well to place themselves for university, internships as well as future professions.

Mann said that they perceived that as commencement of a remarkable rapport with Uncommon Schools plus their students. They applauded the innovation as well as devotion to academic superiority in the school and hoped to have close working relationship with these students this particular year and optimistically for more years in future.


In return, counselor as well as sophomoric prep teacher of Uncommon High School, Carolyn Laurenza said that they had loved hosting Dynamics Search Partners in their school and would wish them to come again any other time possible. She continued to say that the Dynamic Search Partners gave awareness and pieces of advice to their seniors and their students were fizzy with gusto both in the workshop and also afterwards. Two superiors actually told her that that was the greatest thing they have done in the whole year. Majority were astounded when they were told that they had been allowed to send DSP their resume for reviews during the year so that they can get more feedback. The learners were super excited!


Dynamics Search Partners is going to work on multiple projects together with Uncommon Schools all through this learning year. The resume evaluation workshop that was conducted with the higher class in Uncommon Charter High School is going to be a yearly event.

FreedomPop Helps Cut Costs On Wireless For Students

So many students are tired of paying high price for mobile phone service, buta new Wi-Fi only phone service called FreedomPop is helping smart academics stay within budget. Based in Los Angeles, the company started in 2011 and is now expanding its services to let their members be able to access services at more than 10 million hotspots.

Subscribers can download a special app (available on iTunes and the Google Play store) that reveals the locations of close by hotspots, as well as giving them a phone number, and unlimited phone calls, data and texts via Wi-Fi. So far, it is available for phones with the Android operating system and the iOS operating system. They also have SIM based services in Belgium.

Users will get this for a mere $5 a month, which is much cheaper than regular companies charge for similar services. The Wi-Fi network that works with FreedomPop is run by several different companies, and users will be able to use Wi-Fi at convenient places like Starbucks, McDonalds or Burger King, as well as some shopping malls, or outdoor areas in major metro areas.

FreedomPop also resells Sprint 4G devices, but says their app will work on most devices that can access Wi-Fi. This could help customers revive old phones they already have laying around the house and they may not even have to buy a new one to use with this low cost phone and data service.

Besides the $5 service, there is a free version of FreedomPop called freemium that allows users to have 200 VOIP minutes, as well as 500 texts, and 500MB of 4G data at no cost, which is a fantastic bargain.

FreedomPop is one the latest service providers to start using Wi-Fi to help customers to save money. You can use one of your own phones or buy one from FreedomPop and they even sell their own tablets too that can access their Wi-Fi data plans. They have a seven-inch Wi-Fi only tablet called the FreedomPop Liberty that comes with free voice and SMS text messaging, as well as a 10-inch table called the FreedomPop Frenzy that has free talk, text and data. If you’d like your own hot spot device to use with your laptop, the FreedomPop Photon is getting great reviews on Amazon.

FreedomPop hopes to expand their current 10 million hotspots to 25 million Wi-Fi hotspots in the near future. They also expect to expand their overseas operations to countries like Spain, the Netherlands and Austria, as well as get a bigger part of the Belgium market.

Mark Ahn: Leadership

Mark Ahn has given tips on how to be a successful leader. Mark suggests that there is an actual trend when it comes to being a leader. Certain characteristics seem to be possessed by those that are leaders. These qualities can help with leadership abilities. He suggests that we should learn from those that have been through things that we are going through. Don’t be afraid to talk to someone who has been there. He thinks that it’s not a good idea to get caught on fads in the business world. Leadership values have remained the same over the years.

Always use good judgment. If you feel like something is wrong or don’t trust something then you shouldn’t do it. It is important to lead by example. Show everyone what you’re about rather than just telling them. All work done should be the best you can do. Integrity goes a long way. No one should ask you to do something that they would not do themselves. Another key aspect to being a good leader is to remain humble. A good leader should not belittle others or be egotistical. No one knows everything and it is noble when you admit that you don’t know something. Following these suggestions will help you prosper as a leader.

Jared Haftel: Is Doing Things Differently

Jared Haftel graduated from Duke University in the year 2009. Since then, he has been working for major financial company as an investment analyst thus putting his knowledge and skills to good use. Here, he has some advices to those who are planning to make a successful career in the investment banking industry, finance in general.

Attending an Interview With Potential Employers

Most employers appreciate it when they are given a copy of the candidate’s resume and a couple of reviews or referrals as well as some questions for them to ask you. Be prepared with notes representing what you are going to say when asked a particular question. It is important to prepare physically as well as mentally when attending an interview. So choose to be in a quiet room to concentrate on the resume before attending the actual test. When in the interview room, turn off phones. Stand up or sit tall while involved in a conversation. Your voice will carry better and sound more full of life. Put some energy into you. One way to do this is to have sense of excitement and confidence about the topic you are talking.

Be Prepared

Generally, the interviewer will have given you a general idea of what the questions will be. But be prepared to anything. If you have a good personality for presentation and love performing, consider creating video clips of your achievements and seminars. Having publications written on your topic of interest is a great way to impress the interviewers. One reason so many people are writing books and magazine articles these days is because of easy access to big companies. Most such people are promoting their achievements through internet, and some of them do so exclusively. Join groups or lists that is pertaining to your theme or topic and then participate. You will meet successful people and connect with other professionals in your field. By landing various assignments soon after your graduation, big or small, you will attract the attention from your target employers. You will also build on your credibility as an expert in the position they are offering.

More Tips

Even if you have only one offer in hand treat every potential employer as if you expect or desire to work for them. Make every interview with them feel valued. If you do so, they will be more apt to respond back and hire you for the position. They will surely talk about you and consider your resume for future openings. If you produce an effective resume, you will want to make it such that the employers fall back on. Sometimes good resume is simple – your life happenings are clearly written. Other time, you are required to go to many lengths in order to make a quick sale. All job seekers have their part of stories – good or horror. Communicate clearly with your interviewers. Provide the relevant documents they ask for. Make all conversations as smooth and as easy as possible. Give something more than the interviews expect. Handle any inconsistencies cheerfully and honestly. Sometimes a candidate is asked to go beyond what should be reasonably expected like accepting a low salary. If the work is challenging and interesting, take the chance. Use your imagination to come up with ideas that will benefit the company. For more information, consider tips from experienced investment banker like Jared Haftel.

Rod Rohrich Believes In Educating The Next Generation


This is an educator profile. Medicine sometimes isn’t thought of as having great teachers, but it has some outstanding educators within the field. Dr. Rod Rohorich is a professor and surgeon at Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. Has trains medical students in the art of plastic surgery, and he trains all physicians in what reconstructive surgery can do for their patients. He is a committed professional, but he has turned to education as his primary way of helping people.

Dr. Rohrich uses his position on the faculty to work with all the students at the school, but he is best known in the medical community as an author of textbooks. Medical textbooks are often the most difficult textbooks to find, and Dr. Rohrich has produced many of them to help students all over the world learn the craft that he takes so seriously.

Dr. Rohrich is a member of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and he has served on many committees as well as chairman. This is experience that he brings into the classroom with his students. He has the experience to share with his students that will show them what a general arc in their career should look like. He is a good role model because young doctors can see what they will be able to do for humanity as they age, and they learn from Dr. Rohrich that they can do more than cosmetic surgeries.

Dr. Rohrich’s training came in the field of pediatric plastic surgery, and he bears that cross to this day. He believes that all kids should have a good lease on life, and he has the experience needed to aid kids who have been injured or disfigured.

The course of Dr. Rohrich’s life is one that all doctors can emulate. He has worked with people who needed his help, and he now teaches the future generation of doctors will be helping people most in need.