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May 2016
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Talk Fusion’s 30 Days Free Trial Continues to Spread in the World

After thousands of hours of hand work and diligent planning for over a year, Talk Fusion was thrilled to announce to its prospective customers an opportunity to get a full understanding of Talk Fusion video marketing solutions through its 30 days Free Trial. The highly anticipated 30 Day Free Trials was launched in nine different languages in more than 140 countries. All prospective customers have a chance to get firsthand experience in Talk Fusion all-in-in-one video marketing solutions.


According to Bob Reina, the CEO, Talk Fusion is confident to the value they bring and that is why they want to put Talk fusion products into many hands because when people try the products, they want to buy them. To sign up, users just need an email address and the name, and no credit information is required. Individuals, businesses, charities can easily sign up through Talk Fusion newly re-designed Website and experience the power of Talk Fusion video marketing solutions.


Free Trial Users will gain full access to Talk Fusion products that includes Video Email, Live Meetings, Video Newsletter, Video Sign-up Forms, and video chat that won the 2016 WebRTC Product of the Year Award. Just like every customer before, Free Trial Users will begin to note indisputable advantages of using powerful video marketing tools. The Talk Fusion website is easy to use and is equipped with a Virtual library to help Free Trial Users get most from Their Trial experience. The Virtual Library contains resources that include product video tutorials and systematic guides on how to use various products. Besides, it has an exclusive white paper that provides help tips that can boost your business marketing.


Talk Fusion is leading video marketing solutions company that has demonstrated its dedication to helping grow businesses and change the way we communicate through patent-video technology. The company was founded back in 2007, by Bob Reina, a former police officer. Reina firmly believes great success comes with great responsibility, in response to this principle; Talk Fusion introduced the world first Instant Pay Compensation Plan. The firm has also set an outstanding record of highest ethical business practice as a member of Direct Selling Association (DSA).


Mr. Murray Passes Away but Leaves A Great Legacy for CCMP Capital Group

Stephen Murray was born on August 2, 1962, and died on March 12, 2015. He was a private equity investor and a donor. He worked as the chief executive officer of CCMP Capital for eight years but resigned a month before his death citing health reasons. His family includes his wife Tami Murray and four children. Mr. Murray is a graduate of Boston College in 1984 with a degree in economics. He later earned his master degree in business administration in 1989 from Columbia Business School. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP:

Stephen Murray career started in 1984 when he was part of the credit analyst training program at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. Manufacturers Hanover’s private equity group later merged with MH Equity Corporation where Mr. Murray joined in 1989.

Chemical Bank then purchased Manufacturers Hanover in 1991 making Chemical Venture Partners to join with MH Equity. Chemical Bank later merged with Chase Manhattan Corporation making Chase Capital Partners from the former Chemical Venture Partners.

Stephen Murray got a chance to head the buyout business in 2005 at JP Morgan Partners and led to the founding of CCMP Capital from JP Morgan Chase, which was at the time holding the growth equity team of its private equity group. Mr. was later named the CEO of CCMP in 2007.

His career was also improved through serving as the board member of major firms including Generac Power Systems, Warner Chilcott, Aramark, AMC Entertainment, Gabela’s, and Pinnacle Foods. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP:

Mr. Murray resigned his president and CEO post a month before his death making the chairperson of the company Mr. Brenneman the chairman, president, and chief executive officer of the firm. The most recent board membership included LHP Hospital Group, Infogroup Inc. Octagon Credit Investors, Crestcom International, and Strong wood Insurance Holdings. Read more: West Village Townhouse for $17 Million

Although the funeral plans were not released at the time of the announcement, Mr. Brenneman made a statement about Mr. Murray’s life and his contribution to the company.

Some of the remarks included sending his utmost condolences, thoughts and prayers to the family of the deceased. Mr. Brenneman described Mr. Murray as someone who was dedicated to the success of the firm and was one of the founding partners in 1989.

He described Stephen Murray as a terrific investor and dealmaker who loved to work in the private equity sector with passion and knowledge (you can get to read more: 5 Questions with Stephen Murray, CEO of CCMP Capital). He described that Mr. Murray’s success is evident by how he engineered successful partnerships and winning great deals for the company.

Changing the Classroom with Class Dojo

There are so many organizational tools out there for classroom teachers. Few empower and connect students, parents and teachers like Class Dojo does. Used in 2 out of 3 schools in the United States, Class Dojo helps teachers, parents, and students safely share wonderful classroom moments. Class Dojo is technology that provides an excellent communication platform. It allows for skill and culture building, while also allowing video and photo sharing. Students love the program and you will too.

Class Dojo’s mission is to give teachers, parents, and students the ability to change education from the ground up anywhere in the world. It allows teachers to create a positive classroom culture by helping students build important skills, like teamwork and persistence. With Class Dojo’s unique point system and the ability show students scores and progress students will be motivate to work on a team and they will develop persistance.

With Class dojo you can share a timeline of wonderful moments to let parents be a part of your classroom. Teachers can send pictures of daily lesson, fun activities or other interesting things from the school day. ! Parents love seeing special moments from the class. Because this technology is accessible on phones and tablets, Class Dojo can be used for capturing activities at school that happen outside of the classroom.

Class Dojo has a variety of other great features. It allows you to Reach parents quickly and privately with direct messages. Instead of sending home notes or newsletters use Dojo to immediately message all parents at once. Dojo even has an amazing translator that can translate any message in up to 35 languages serving as an excellent tool for ELL students. Class Dojo Works on iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and on any computer. It is built with privacy by design and perhaps most important, it is free to all teachers.

Students love how positive classrooms are with Class Dojo – and it saves teachers valuable class time, too! Students feel motivated, empowered and connected when using this tool. Using this tool will create a positive culture within the classroom. It is an excellent tool for creating change from the ground up.

Learning to Work With People from VTA Publications

In business and in life there are situations that need to be navigated where people have to build a consensus with the people they are working with in order to accomplish a goal. This task can be difficult if the person one has to work has offended you recently. According to a blog post authored by VTA Publications creating a collaborative and supportive atmosphere is vital to success and it can be done easily and repeatedly.

You are always faced with two options whenever someone intentionally offends you. You can diffuse the situation or retaliate and cause the rift to grow. Diffusing the situation is the best way to go, in order to develop a working environment that will be conducive to your own success. In order to do this and accomplish your business goals one of the main things to avoid is criticism of another person. This does not mean that you should accept poor efforts or shoddy work. It simply meant that be careful in the manner that you address others.

All people want to feel that they are valuable to the cause of life and with encouragement they can give their best to the process. If you spend your time criticizing then those being criticized will be on the defensive. Those that are encouraged and valued will perform at a level that might have previously been thought improbable. Take a genuine interest in people and their accomplishments and you will build a group of supporters who will help you achieve all the goals that you dream of.Be kind instead of critical and treat others as you would want to be treated. This is age old advice and it works in all areas of life.

VTA Publications was founded in 2012 and they have specialized in publishing works of nonfiction. They publish distance learning courses and also organize events that cater to specialized causes. They have built a worldwide organization of consumers of their information products and services. They have a mission to provide digital and physical products that specialize in the financial and economic fields.

The idea behind VTA Publications is to be the fuel behind the great innovators and to become the experts in the field to provide power to entrepreneurs in order to become the best that they can be. The simple to use formats incorporated in their products allow the movers and shakers in financial markets. They also work as a booking agent for seminars on a variety of activities.

Organo Gold is Expanding into Turkey

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the entire world. From the hills of Venezuela to the bustling streets of Europe, coffee keeps everyone going. There is a huge demand for coffee, and the demand for quality coffee is rising. People want coffee products that are ethically produced and have a rich flavor, and there are simply not enough companies to fill the demand. One of the best organic coffee brands on the market today is Organo Gold.

Organo Gold was founded seven years ago with the goal of selling healthy coffee and tea products. They wanted their products to be ethically produced and to offer healthy ingredients with each product. Their favorite health product is Ganoderma Lucidium, an amazing mushroom that offers a huge array of health benefits. By placing this product in all of their teas and coffees, Organo Gold ensures that their consumers are healthy and happy.

Organo Gold is a rapidly growing company that is constantly looking for new and exciting markets to invest in. Recently, the CEO of Organo Gold, Bernardo Chua saw a grand opportunity to invest in Eastern Europe and Western Asia. This is an emerging market that is making millions of dollars for companies across the globe. Chua is has brought Organo Gold to many Eastern European countries, and now he has signed a deal to bring the products to Turkey.

Turkey will be the thirty-ninth country in which Organo Gold operates, and Bernardo Chua is extremely proud of this accomplishment. Chua recognizes that Turkey is a historically strong market. The Turkish people have been drinking coffee for centuries. Turkey was home to the world’s first coffee house in the 1400s, and their demand for coffee has only increased.

Turkey is becoming an extremely active community of people, so the health benefits of Organo Gold should make it a popular drink. The Turkish people are constantly looking for a new way to stay healthy and happy. They constantly exercise, and they have a growing nutraceutical market. The health benefits of Organo Gold will surely make it a popular drink among the people of Turkey.

Bernardo Chua is an incredible CEO, and he has an incredible product to sell, and the reviews paint it as such. Organo Gold is reaching new customers each day, and Turkey is another amazing market for this product. The future is extremely bright for the award winning Bernardo and Organo Gold, and he should be proud of his accomplishments.  Read more about the man, and his achievements, on Wikipedia.

Lose Weight The Right Way With NutriMost

Dr. Rob Vasquez is a wellness advocate. He’s been featured on News4SanAntonio for his program. But he has also had his own wellness issues. Chief among them was weight control. Throughout his life he has tried several diet plans, including those that featured packaged meals and powder shakes. Vasquez could never make the plans work for him. He did not achieve weight loss success until he tried the NutriMost program. With it he lost 35 pounds in 40 days. He eventually lost 60 pounds, and has been able to keep the weight off.

Dr. Vasquez and his team of health coaches have been aiding his patients in weight loss strategies. His NutriMost patients who have been following the nutrimostrecipes program have seen improvements in serious medical conditions, which include type two diabetes, chronic pain, and high blood pressure.
To keep his weight in check Vasquez uses a set of positive habits that he believes will lead anybody to a healthy life style.
Eating organic is one practice. Organic foods are free of chemicals that can affect your health. Find them at grocery stores or farmer’s markets,
Eating more vegetables will keep calories down, and enrich your body with the proper nutrients.
Sugars from fruits and vegetables contain fibers, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are positive. But processed sugars like those found in candy and sodas should be avoided, or cut down upon.
Getting a body scan can personalize which foods can specifically aid you in weight loss. A body composition analysis is a way of getting an accurate assessment of your weight loss goals. You get a reading on things like your body mass index, and fat percentage.
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Can George Soros’s Plan Pull the EU through the Syrian Refugee Crisis?

In response to the Syrian refugee crisis on happening in Europe the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban has come forth with a plan which he feels is the best way to deal with the incoming refugees and the chaos their presence is causing amongst the countries of the European Union on His is not the only voice that has sounded off on the matter. Philanthropist George Soros presented his own plan on the September 29th opinion.

George Soros feels that his own six point plan is superior to Prime Minister Orban’s, because he feels his plan is more in line with humanitarian ideals that he feels need to be taken into consideration when making decisions of this kind.

If implemented; the plan would get the European countries on the same page and coordinate their efforts to help the refugees on, for the good of not only the countries involved but also that of the refugees.

Per his Market Watch piece: part one as envisioned by Soros would ensure that countries would assume responsibility for taking in and financing refugees. The number of refugees and the monetary amounts would be agreed on by the EU. Coordinating the asylum effort and getting organized would alleviate what is currently a disorganized system that is not working. Part two involves financially aiding Jordan, Turkey, and Lebanon with their own respective shares of the refugee crisis, and attracting the involvement of other nations that can lend a hand. Part three calls for a centralized body that would be formed to deal specifically with migrants in need of asylum and the patrol of the border. An integrated migrant/border board would go far toward making George Soros’s entire plan a reality. Part four would establish a a clear path for refugees to reach their destination, without getting caught in between zones where they are more likely to be killed. Having the clear path laid out in part four plays in to part five, which asks for the establishment of protocol globally with regard to how refugees are treated. And finally part six deals with getting people and groups outside of government in the private sector to get involved.

The plan that George Soros proposes in the above mentioned Market Watch piece fits in well with the nature of his other philanthropic ventures. Soros’s involvement in ending Apartheid and in transitioning former Soviet countries similarly took care that there would be as little collateral damage as possible.

Whether George Soros’s plan comes to fruition in the EU remains to be seen; the powers of governments may outweigh the importance of this crisis being handled from a perspective that takes into account the well being of the people in need of help. His plan is well-organized enough that the EU governments would benefit from seriously examining the possibilities of implementing it, and humanitarian enough that they should honestly consider it.

Dick Devos: Education and American Values

Philanthropists play a large role in helping reform and improve public and private education in American. Egalitarian individuals have been particularly active in assisting public education by creating non-profit organizations to provide for the needy where public policy is lacking, and to work with other organizations to help reform those policies. These activists often must fight against entrenched members of the status quo to incite change, who frequently financially gain from the current arrangement. This fight often takes the shape of creating lobby groups to change laws, create press coverage for these issues and find solutions for students in need, such as after school programs. It is both the good of society and their debt to it that inspire individuals to spend so much time, effort and wealth on such endeavors.
One such person is Dick Devos, who is highly active in the fight to support underprivileged children in Michigan. After having led a successful business career including three years spent as the CEO of the Orlando Magic, he founded the Education Freedom Fund, which has awarded over 4,000 scholarships to students to attend the West Michigan Aviation academy. His dedication to the state and its populace also included time on its Board of Education. Together with his wife and in line with his values, he started the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation to offer further support for the vulnerable in his state.
His efforts did not end at education. He served his native Grand Rapids by spearheading multiple downtown revitalization projects, and in all was able to add a total of $537M in projects to the city. Dick believes in the need for a return to traditional American values, and attempted to enact his beliefs politically by running for governor of Michigan in 2006, but unfortunately lost. Despite this set back, Dick will continue trying to serve his community through his firm belief that improved education will serve communities both locally and globally.

A Company That Creates Awesome Work Out Clothes

Fabletics offers women and men high-quality and affordable workout clothing. Fabletics only uses premium fabrics and high-quality technology in their athletic gear. The great thing about Fabletics workout clothes is that they are affordable and stylish.

An individual can sign up for Fabletics and they can choose an entire outfit for only $25 to start. After that, each month they will be able to choose from another stylish outfit and they can cancel at anytime.

Kate Hudson is the creator of Fabletics. She is an avid believer in the importance of exercise, and she wanted to be able to help people work out and at the same time get to wear stylish outfits that are affordable. A person can also decide to be a VIP member and they will save up to 50% off the regular pricing.

This person can also earn points to get free items. Bustle said that Fabletics can also be canceled at any time; all that an individual has to do is call the member services team.

Recently Elite Daily did an article about Kate Hudson’s new budget swimwear for extra extra small and extra extra large sizes in Fabletics. Hudson loves summertime and because of that she wanted to launch a swimming collection. Hudson worked with a team of designers in order to get perfect swim styles. Fabletics styles are stylish and sexy, but they are also very comfortable and of course affordable.

This new swimwear collection will be coming April 12 and many of the fans of Kate Hudson’s clothing line will be excited to see how it looks. Fabletics is a company that falls under Just Fab and they will also be launching a line of complementary dresses.

Fabletics is a company that was started in 2013, and it’s intention was to be able to compete with other athletic brands such as Nike and Reebok. Fabletics wants to do be able to offer its users a affordable option to chic athletic wear.

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Queens Of Drama Features Divas Like Crystal Hunt

One of the newest twists on reality television to hit the airwaves in recent years was a new pop series designed to appear as if it was unscripted when, in actuality, everything about it was well-planned. Called the Queens of Drama, the series followed a sextet of former daytime and prime time soap stars as they tried to create, sell, and produce a show. The concept was generated following the reduction in popularity of soap operas and increased interest in programs focused on the lives of real people. With fewer opportunities available for actresses working in that particular genre, the series was designed to create the illusion of a reality TV show by providing the stars with the opportunity to ad-lib their way to their ultimate goal while increasing audience appeal through proven techniques such as the development of a contentious relationship between Lindsay Hartley and Crystal Hunt.

Hunt began her acting career as a youngster in pageants. Commercials soon followed and at the age of 17 she received her first big break by landing the role of troubled teen Lizzie Spaulding on “The Guiding Light.” During her four year stint on the show, she began her movie career by appearing in pictures such as “The Derby Stallion” and “Sydney White,” which was a spin on the fairy tale “Snow White.”

Between 2009 and 2012 Hunt was cast by “One Life To Live” as the untrustworthy stripper Stacy Morasco. Since that time she has appeared in films such as “NYC Underground,” “23 Blast,” and “Magic Mike XXL”. She also expanded her interests in the industry by producing feature films such as “Talbot County,” an Alfred Hitchcock thriller.  Check out Crystal’s YouTube reel to see snippets of all of her roles.

In addition to a cast of divas, like Hunt, scheduled to appear on a regular basis, Pop also slated appearances of daytime and prime time soap veterans such as Joan Collins and Donna Mills. The first of its kind, the docu-drama dubbed the Queens of Drama was released in 2015. Fans will likely be looking forward to Season 2 that began filming last fall. An air date, however, has yet to be announced.