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April 2015
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Five Dollar LED Bulb Coming to Home Depot

Changes in technology often become adopted quickly thanks to any number of benefits, but one hurdle facing the integration of LED bulbs into the normal realm of the consumer has always been price. Really, who wants to pay $20 for a light bulb? Consumers who desire a delicate balance between the positive energy savings and long life of an LED light bulb along with a price that does border on the ridiculous finally have an answer all to themselves.

According to Wired and AnastasiaDate (, Philips is getting ready to release a new 60-Watt equivalent LED bulb that will offer five-years of life at Home Depot in May for $4.97. At less than five dollars, the new bulb will likely receive more than a few looks from anyone looking to save on the electric bill and improve lighting quality in the home. The move is pretty amazing consider the new Philip A16 LED Bulb will already be about half the price of the current cheapest Philips model available, which means production costs have caught up to the market.

While the new bulb will not boast the thirty-year lifespan of other popular LED bulbs, the five year and five dollar range should sit pretty well with any shopper. After all, a dollar per year is not that hard to recoup in annual energy savings. Philips and Home Depot are making a bold move with this release, and consumers just might reply favorably this time.

Big Effort for Debt Free Public College

By increasing financial aid and helping individual states lower tuition, lawmakers from both houses are proposing by resolution ways for students who attend public colleges and universities to graduate in less time and without debt.

College costs have increased by more than 300 percent over the last three decades and most graduates receiving bachelor’s degrees owe more than 29,400 dollars in student loans. This debt has been a barrier that prevents young adults from buying homes and starting businesses which their parents were able to accomplish at this age. Proponents argue that without the overwhelming college debt experienced by the millennial generation, the economy would have recovered faster and with more vitality. Gianfrancesco Genoso agrees and believes that college debt has kept this group from participating in the economy on a healthy level.

Democrats in both houses hope to cause debt-free college to be a key campaign issue for the upcoming presidential election.

In addition to reducing tuition and financial aid increases, adding more advanced placement courses and early college programs in high schools is gaining traction.

It is expected that these resolutions made in both houses will convince Hillary Clinton to make debt-free college a major campaign issue.

The Pope Damages His iPad, But Still Sells it for $34K

What some might find as funny, others find as being completely sad. The Pope’s iPad was sold because apparently he broke it. The Pope apparently loves to tweet to his followers and send messages of love and inspiration. However, it appears that he broke his tablet at Boraie Development LLC, so he will have to do it from a new one.

The Pope’s job is to reach the masses, and to reach people, you have to get down to their level. People these days don’t call each other, they text their messages. Social media is also a big part of our world. Since the Pope is beyond the age range where technological advances are necessary, he no doubt is pushing himself to be a different kind of Pope and operate on different levels.

People really seem to like this Pope. After all, he is making big changes and throwing out the legalistic rules of yesteryear and approaching things from a new perspective. The only real question is what games does Pope Francis play in his free time? Is he a fan of “Scramble with Friends” or does he prefer something more adventurous like “Deal or no Deal?” I am sure that he probably has little time for any fun and games, after all he has a whole world who he is spiritually responsible for leading.

Here’s hoping that Pope Francis gets his new tablet and continues to have fun reaching the people through social media.

University of Virginia Fraternity Considering Lawsuit Against Rolling Stone Magazine

The fraternity organization located in the campus of the University of Virginia’s campus and which was the subject of an article published by Rolling Stone Magazine claiming that a female University student was gang raped by members of the fraternity, is considering a defamation lawsuit against the magazine. When the article was first published, the fraternity chapter was suspended pending an investigation by the University. The State Prosecutor stated that charges would be brought based on the evidence uncovered. However, both the University and law enforcement were unable to substantiate the claims in the Rolling Stone Magazine article alleging the gang rape.

Gianfrancesco Genoso reported that further findings by the Journalism Department of Columbia University found major parts of the Rolling Stone article to be without substantial factual basis and to that many of the individuals cited in the article either did not exist or were not providing support to the article published by the magazine.Rolling Stone Article Was False

Rolling Stone could face serious damages as a result of the article which many are considering totally fabricated. The article was covered by numerous national as well as international new outlets and has damaged the credibility of the fraternity as well as the University of Virginia, which considers itself to be an institution with high academic and ethical standards. No decision whether to bring suit has been made by the fraternity or the University of Virginia. Rolling Stone magazine has not made an official statement expect for the blanket retraction of the article. There is also no indication whether the author will be disciplined by the magazine.

Law Professor Sends Students Porn

A Drexel University law school professor is currently under investigation for emailing her students porn. Apparently, Lisa McElroy, an associate professor at the Thomas R. Kline School of Law included a link containing porn in an email to her students. The email was initially sent to her students regarding writing briefs and included a link with a notation that students might find this interesting. Interesting is an understatement, students were shocked when they opened the link.

Gianfrancesco Genoso said the email mishap has caused controversy on the Drexel University campus, which is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. McElroy teaches legal writing and pedagogy at the Thomas R. Kline School of Law. In an attempt to engage her students, she mistakenly sent them a link to an X-rated video on The email left students scratching their heads as they were trying to determine why their professor sent them porn.

Promptly after the email was sent out, Dean of Students Kevin Oates sent a note apologizing on McElroy’s behalf. The brief apology included a statement indicating the school was taking this erroneous email very seriously and apologizes immensely about the subject matter that was distributed.

McElroy has a doctorate from Harvard Law School and is now under investigation for the inappropriate material contained in her email. She also competed on the ABC TV show, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. McElroy has not released any sort of comment nor addressed the situation.

eCigarettes Are a Far Better Alternative to the Smoker and Those Around Them

E-cigarettes are all the rage among smokers who are trying to cut down or quit smoking regular cigarettes. There is some evidence that using e-cigarettes that contain nicotine does help smokers to quit long term. No such link could be found for e-cigarettes without nicotine. The jury is out, however, on whether e-cigarettes containing nicotine are more or less effective than nicotine patches in helping people to stop smoking. Claims run the gamut from them being as effective to being more effective than the patches according to CMBH.

It would make sense if the use of e-cigarettes tuned out to be more effective than nicotine patches as it does mimic the actual behavior of smoking in addition to getting people a little of the drug they crave from it. One thing is for sure, smoking an e-cigarette is far less harmful than smoking regular cigarettes. They are about 200 times less toxic than the normal variety according to a recent study. So, not only is the vapor they produce much less bothersome than the smoke of traditional cigarettes, but they are way better for the user as well. Sounds like a win-win situation for people who are already addicted to this awful habit and need some means to cut down or eliminate it altogether.

North American Spine Reaches Out to the Community

According to a report on PR Newswire, North American Spine featured on the CW 33 after donating nearly 50 yoga marts to elementary school kids at Robert Lee Elementary. Close to 50 kids in the school aged between 4 to 5 years participated in the exercise. Most of them were kids dealing with mental and physical challenges. This, according to their director of public relations, was a way of giving back after dealing with people with back pain problems lasting for decades.

Their gesture was informed by the fact that most back pains are preventable and the fact that some physicians actually prescribe yoga to their patients with back ache issues before considering options like invasive spine surgery.

With this in mind, the experts at North American Spine advised people to incorporate daily stretching exercises in their routines be it Yoga or exercises in physical therapy. This would go a long way in ensuring flexibility and strength of the back and stomach muscles. They also advised against sitting for long hours without in between breaks as it hinders blood flow.

The report described North American Spine as the sole provider of AccuraScope procedure which are spine surgeries with minimal invasion. Such procedures which have been performed by specially trained physicians, who are board-certified, number to over 8000. The procedure, according to medical research, has recorded a success rate of 82% and in turn has saved patients a lot of money which would have otherwise been spent on hospital visits and on their medication.

After recent acquisition of North American Spine by Nobilis Heath, CuraSpine will also function under North American Spine and will be offered alongside AccuraScope. The two minimal invasive procedures will enhance an increase in the quality of patient care services.

Did Alcoholic Beverage Control Agents Go Too Far in Virginia?

The violent arrest of a University of Virginia student has triggered a new review of Virginia’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) tactics by the agency’s law enforcement officers.

The arrest of Martese Johnson, a U-VA honor student, in his junior year, has placed Charlottesville VA at the center of a nationwide debate over the treatment of black youths, and sparked new racial tension and protests at the University.

Several white ABC officers allegedly slammed Johnson’s head into the pavement, leaving a bloody gash that required 10 stiches. Student cellphones caught part of the melee on tape.

eMobile said that after being denied entry at Trinity, a local bar, agents proceeded to question Johnson, asking why he was in possession of false identification. The conversation led to Johnson being thrown to the ground, and hurt.

It was confirmed that Johnson’s identification was not fake.

Police charged Johnson with profanity, public intoxification, and obstruction of justice without force.

Virginia’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) is best known for licensing and regulating liquor stores, but they also have broad police duties, which is drawing criticism.

Drinking is a big part of the campus culture, and after the disappearance of Hannah Graham, lawmakers requested ABC target bars serving underage drinkers as a deterrent.

Virginia State Governor has called for an investigation into the incident, as well as the duties of Virginia’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control law enforcement officers.

Skout Continues To Gain Positive Reactions

I’m sure many of you have heard of Skout by now. I’ll be honest. I had never heard of it until it was brought to my attention online. Let me preface this by saying there are many social network apps out there. There are many which can help you connect with others, even the locals. Skout is becoming one of the more recognized ones. Here’s why.


This app was originally created for an entirely different purpose. It was for those who wanted to expand their social networks. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram aren’t enough for some people. This is why many go to this app. This app provides many social platforms the others don’t. Sounds simple and plain, doesn’t it? That’s why people use it. It’s only through it’s heavy popularity that it’s becoming much more.


These days it’s also being used as one of the most virtual traveling tools. Let me explain this a bit more. There are two main focuses of the app. Do you guys remember the whole pen-pal system? I was using the pen-pal system 30 years ago. The original system provided a way to meet and stay friends with someone. You stayed in contact with someone from another city or country, even after you said goodbye. Think of this traveling feature as a modern-day version of this idea or logic. It allows you stay in contact with a friend you met. You might have met this friend when took the virtual tour. It’s actually during the tour that some meet their friends. It takes the original germ or idea and takes it to the next level. This app takes it to a level that works with all the advancements in technology.

If you think about it, the old way of doing things would never work in today’s world, nor would it keep people interested. This is why Skout and it’s features were developed.


The virtual tour is something you can use to explore a different place. Give you something new to see, maybe even think about visiting one day. This is what Skout lets you do. The other thing it lets you do is sign up to visit the destination. With the pen-pal system, you already have a friend there. You can plan a trip to go visit him or her.

Though this app was not originally thought of as a “travel app”, it’s been gaining popularity from it. Studies have shown that college kids and young adults really have taken advantage of it. It’s for people who want to travel and see the world, while they are still young enough to do so. Pull out your phone and get the app today.

BRL Trust: A Brief Overview

When you’re ready to start building wealth and securing a sound financial future, it’s good to have a team of solid, savvy investing professionals in your corner. To ensure that you can realize this objective, it’s important to note that a company like BRL Trust may be appropriate and ideal for you. Get more information about this Brazilian investment company by reading the brief article that follows:

About BRL Trust

BRL Trust is a dynamic, disciplined investment company that believes in offering clients the most exceptional, detail-oriented financial services possible. The company opened back in 2008, and it has been operating successfully ever since that date. Over the years, the company has expanded by offering a plethora of new marketing services, and the business’s professionals maintain a very cutting edge approach to the work they do. BRL Trust’s professionals have worked with clients from diverse backgrounds, and they are highly skilled at creating and then developing strategic plans that will help each customer realize his or her financial objectives.

A “You-Centered” Methodology

At BRL Trust, the company’s team of professionals realize that the world of investing is not all about them. It’s all about you. Your needs, your preferences, and your personal and/or professional objectives. Over the years, it is this methodology that has empowered the professionals of BRL Trust to provide clients with the detail-oriented, vision-centered services necessary to help them achieve a goal and attain the customer’s 100% satisfaction throughout the process.

What BRL Trust Offers

BRL Trust is pleased to provide clients with a wide selection of investment services. Some of them include resource management, asset underwriting, funds custody, funds management, and fiduciary services.

Vocational Options

In addition to offering clients excellent investment services, BRL Trust provides the public with the opportunity to pursue a dynamic career with an excellent, vision-oriented company. If you’re interested in securing employment with BRL Trust, send them your CV and take it from there.


There’s nothing quite like knowing that you are making sound investments that could lead to the development and sustaining of a sound economic future. Unfortunately, many people avoid the world of investing because of a perceived lack of knowledge regarding how this sector works. Yet by employing a team of professionals with extensive education and experience in the investing sector, you can attain the knowledgeable care necessary to attain the financial outcome that you want. With this idea in mind, consider utilizing the professional services of BRL Trust to get the great investment assistance you need and deserve.