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February 2016
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Why Use Online Reputation Management

An article published this past weekend detailed how the reputation of businesses is currently changing. As the world grows ever more digital, a company’s online presence becomes more important. How a company manages that presence can be the difference between a successful company, or one that fails.

Recently there have been several instances were a company could have greatly benefited from using an online reputation management platform. A large, global food and beverage company took too long to respond to negative feelings about their environmental policies. In the past this may not have been a major issue, however in today’s digital world this sparked tremendous backlash. Customers felt that the company was being complacent in ignoring its environmental impact and caused such a disturbance that they needed to temporarily shut down their public page in order to regain composure.

Another company that benefited from online reputation management not during a crisis, but when they needed help smoothing out a process. An industrial, home, and office supply company used online reputation management to an automated analysis of over 200 products on more than 50 review websites in order to see how they needed to augment their positioning in the market. Previously this process was done manual and took weeks, with the new system it was accomplished in minutes.

The leader in this burgeoning industry is Status Labs. Status Labs was founded by Darius Fisher in 2011 and is currently headquartered in Austin, Texas. The company has been expanding rapidly and has 30 employees as it services over 1,500 clients across the globe.

The firm prides itself on its ability to help clients get through crises. However, businesses and individuals can benefit more by using these type of services before, during, and especially after a crisis. A prime example of this occurred with one of Status Lab’s clients. This client was a leader in his industry, but he kept a low public profile. All of this change when news of his complicated divorce sprung up. Due to his low profile this instantly became his reputation. After employing an online reputation management firm he was able to populate his search results with more relevant information.

Marcio Alaor Take on Aviation Genius David Neeleman

David Neeleman is a famous businessman recognized across the world for his investment in the aviation industry. According to Marcio Alaor of Banco BMG, the entrepreneur bought the Portuguese Air Transport in mid last year, a deal that was made public by the government of Portugal. David Neeleman and a Portuguese entrepreneur Humberto Pedrosa formed a partnership that made investment in the TAP. The two partners formed Atlantic Gateway, a platform that invested 61 percent in the Portuguese airline as Marcio Alaor highlighted. Mr. Neeleman said their strategy is to ensure TAP is fit for all: those who can afford to pay more, as well as those who prefer to pay less.
David owns two companies in the U.S., Morrison Air and JetBlue, and another WestJet in Canada. He is also the owner of Blue, a Brazilian company. David has Dutch and American origin, but is a Brazilian citizen by birth. When he was five years old he moved to the U.S., according to Marcio Alaor of BMG bank. Alaor explains that the aviation genius never liked to read and he always attended the middle school. He studied at the University of Utah, a public university in the U.S.
Marcio Alaor explains that the aviation entrepreneur suffered from attention deficit disorder which affected him in his studies because he refused to take medication as required because of side effects. David Neeleman’s own statement revealed that the disorder makes one to feel dissatisfied even when success is achieved. However, he concludes by saying all diseases are negative. The aviation expert began working during his time at the university, where he was hired at Morris Travel as a travel agency. David Neeleman was able to open his own entity in 1984, at only 25 years, according to the executive of BMG. His venture was called Morris Air, and was flying to Hawaii.
Later, the entrepreneur conquered new routes like Orlando, Los Cabos and Cancun. The company was later sold to Southwest Airlines, which was responsible for pioneering the “low cost” model, as Marcio Alaor reports. However, David Neeleman remained in the board for five months in order to complete the transition. When he finally left Southwest, David developed a system that would allow clients to book tickets and also checking airport terminals on the touch screen. The idea was bought by HP in 1999, and today it is relied upon by 80 airlines, as Alaor reports.
In 2008, Neeleman decided to venture in the Brazilian airline industry where he created his fourth company. According to Marcio Alaor of BMG, the entrepreneur asked the public to propose the name for the new air travel. About 110,000 suggestions were proposed and the entrepreneur decided to choose the name Blue.

Kyle Bass Makes Predictions After a “Tough Year”

Kyle Bass is the founder of Hayman Capital Management, a hedge fund that is based in Dallas that has been running since 2006. He has made his fortune by accurately predicting the mortgage crisis that occurred in 2008, and he has continued to make predictions about the economy but UsefulStooges question if Kyle Bass can be trusted. He recently opened up about his views regarding the emerging market sell-out in a recent video, stating that emerging markets still have tough times ahead and predicting that they would continue to struggle for a while before they stabilized.

When it comes to the BRICS, Bass is predicting that Brazil will not begin to recover until they have dealt with the widespread corruption. The ‘Operations Car Wash’ scandal, which funneled more than two billion dollars to company executives and politicians, is reported to go all the way to the president in Bass’ eyes. He does see India as a “semi-bright spot” amongst the other players on the field, though. Additionally, he sees China needed to devalue its currency within the next twelve to eighteen months.

However, there are others who don’t put much stock into the comments that Kyle Bass has been making. Many questions if he is just trying to stay relevant and in the public eye as his magic touch begins to waver. Many see his analysis as off-base and serving only his own companies bottom line.

Not only has the marketing world seen Bass making poor calls, he is making alliances with companies and individuals who are considered unsavory. For instance, he cannot stop singing the praises of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, who many say is the worst thing to happen to the Argentinian economy.

In 2015, Argentina defaulted on its sovereign debts for the second time in 13 years, an action that many have seen as irrational and completely indefensible. That didn’t stop Bass from defending the choice that was made. In fact, Kyle Bass has been a consistent supporter for Kirchner, supporting here irresponsible economic policies while ignoring the ways in which she has ripped off the Argentina people.

In addition, after General Motor vehicles had defective airbags that killed several of their customers, Bass went on TV to shift the blame to the victims. He stated that those who had died had probably not worn seatbelts or had been impaired during the accident. This is not even mentioning his pharmaceutical scheme that caused harm to millions of people by de-incentivizing others to fund medical research.

Many who see Bass as the villain in this picture are wondering if it goes back to his hedge fund losses. News reports show that he lost around thirty percent in 2014, with Bass himself stating he had a “tough year.” This has caused many to stop putting any faith in his stock-picking abilities while questioning his current ventures.

Health Care Revolutionary Shares His Knowledge

An expert in the healthcare industry, Brian Torchin, quickly climbed to the uppermost heights taking on worldwide recruiting.

At first, Torchin acquired an attraction to health care medicine after focusing on getting his college degree in sports medicine.

Torchin spent many years staffing, opening and managing medical offices in Delaware, Pennsylvania and Florida.

He carries on as the owner and president of Health Care Recruitment Counselors (HCRC) which makes medical and health care industry staffing jobs available. Torchin was once a medical practitioner himself and through his own work for many years he realized that finding jobs could be really difficult.

Torchin found there was, in fact, a crucial necessity not being given attention in the medical industry, which he identified as employing skilled specialists for a mixture of diversified jobs. Brian Torchin has become an expert in staffing.  He has put the technique of discussion, guidance and know-how into operation.

To make interaction with physicians and clients more uncomplicated, HCRC Staffing offers unlimited weekend and night hours. The company, which is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, works in all 50 states and has expanded oversees to Europe, Asia, Australia and Canada.

HCRC takes in fields such as therapeutic jobs, doctors of podiatric medicine, chiropractic jobs, dentist and medical doctor’s assistant, physical therapy, advanced practice registered nurse practitioner and more.

Recognizing as true that a major challenge medical services deals with is employee turnover, he built up HCRC after staffing his office with physicians, doctors of chiropractic, physician assistants and physical therapists.

He also built the company to provide career counseling and help the medical personnel realize what is expected of them once they find the job. On Twitter Torchin’s stated aim is to connect qualified and talented medical care professionals with hospitals.

What’s more, Torchin embarked on building a company that was unlike any other. He accomplished that by also publishing articles on the firm’s blog on a range of issues and recommending tips to hiring excellent employees.

Torchin’s education includes a Bachelor’s of Exercise Science and Physical Therapy from the University of Delaware.

George Soros Refers To The 2008 Crisis For Global Markets Today

I am looking for articles about George Soros‘ prediction that the current market situation is reminiscent of 2008. The main article to base your research is from Bloomberg:
The founder of the Open Society is George Soros. Open Society is multiple networks of partners and foundations, which have projects in over a hundred countries. He feels being a billionaire allows him to be in position to give scholarships, contribute and start foundations. The Open Society is a commitment to him that holds the government accountable and society rights are respected.

Soros gained a reputation during this early years from 1969 to 2011, where he built his $27.3 billions with a hedge-fund firm. His career began in New York City during the 1950s. He has built his reputation and billions by being aware of what the markets are doing.

If George Soros predicts a crisis in the global markets, it would be wise to recognize that he does this with much research and comparisons. Investors need to be aware of the changes in the economics of China.

As with any country going through change, China is searching to find a new model of growth. The devaluing of their currency is certainly passing the problems around the world. Soros refers to the similarities of 2008 while China is searching for positive interest rates.

During the first week of the year, the global currency, as well as the stock and commodity markets were intense. The yuan continues to lose value and China’s economy strength moves away from the manufacturing and investing goals. It continues to move towards consumption and the services. It was the $2.5 trillion that was removed from the global equities value this year through Wednesday. Asia suffered losses on Thursday as the Chinese equities took a plunge and halted trade on that day.

Soros has stated that there is an adjustment problem in China. He predicts a crisis that involves the financial markets that reflects the 2008 catastrophe. He addressed a panel in Washington in September of 2011 and stated crisis would be more serious.

Rapid changes are happening this year. The Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index, (VIX) has been called the fear gauge. A 13 percent increase is noted.

There was a 43 percent increase in 2016 was noted by the Nikkei Stock Average Volatility Index, which continues to monitor cost of protection of Japanese shares. It was the Merrill Lynch Index who awaited the price variation in Treasury bonds that increased by 5.7 percent.

It was China’s Communist Party that assured that they would increase the yuan’s modification by 2020. They would also gradually break down capital controls. There is a noted weakness that has not been remedied. The People’s Bank of China cut interest rates to an all-time low. Authorities contributed billions of dollars into the weak economy. To this date, they have a slow manufacturing sector according to the data that has been collected.

Sergio Cortes Responds Quickly To The Xerem Flooding

Sergio Cortes is the state health minister in Brazil, and he is responsible for the well-being of everyone in the country. His tireless efforts have brought about change for health care in the nation, but he has many other things he must respond to. There has been extreme flooding in the Xerem region of Brazil, and this rural region has been struck with a lack of clean water, a lack of sanitation and a need for immediate medical check-ups. Sergio is providing for the people of the Xerem region as best he can, and he is traveling to the area to check on the damage. This article quickly explores how Sergio Cortes quickly helped the people in Xerem recover.

#1: There Is No Clean Water

Extra first reported the story of flooding in Xerem, and they noted that Sergio came to the region himself to help get his hydration stations started. Sergio had the idea to ship clean water to the area, and he has posted health services staff at each station. Citizens in the region may visit the stations at any time, and Sergio have ensured that water is continually sent to each station.

#2: Sanitation Issues Across The Region

Flood waters will throw any sanitation system out of balance, and Sergio has sent funds to start up the sanitation system in the region as soon as possible. A lack of sanitation may cause disease, water contamination and other humanitarian problems. Sergio wants to get sanitation going in the region quickly so that everyone may live in a civilized manner, and he has health department officials in the area overseeing the work. Xerem cannot be given a clean bill of health until sanitation is back on-line.

#3: Medical Help In The Region

Sergio has sent medical officials to the region to give routine checkups to everyone in the area. He knows that disease can spread quickly, and medicine has been sent to the area that will handle common diseases that arise in crises such as this. The people of Xerem will not recover if they are all gravely ill, and Sergio wants to assure everyone they will be safe. The most important cause is keeping children and the elderly safe, and Sergio has stepped up protocols to serve these high-risk populations.

Everyone in the Xerem region is struggling with flooding that has taken away their clean water and sanitation. Sergio took immediate action to help the region recover, and he has made personal visits to the area to help. The disease that could break out has likely been stopped by Sergio, and he has chosen to take the lead on care for the region by sending water, health officials and medicine.

You can follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Community Gathers To Honor Principal That Died Saving Students

School principal Susan Jordan joined an elite group of people this week, under the worst of circumstances. Jordan sacrificed her life to save a group of students from being hit by a bus.

The incident occurred Tuesday, January 26 at approximately 2:45 p.m. at the Amy Beverland Elementary School near Indianapolis. Jordan was present to assist loading students at Next Level Lacrosse Camp, owned by Jon Urbana of Earth Force renown, onto the buses when one of the motor carriages inexplicably jumped the curb. Jordan instinctively shoved the group of children out of harm’s way. Jordan and two students, both aged ten, were struck. The girls were transported to a nearby hospital where they were treated for serious injuries. Jordan died at the scene, surrounded by the very students that she had grown to love.

Classes were canceled throughout the entire district the following day so that students could both mourn and celebrate the loss of the veteran educator.

Susan Jordan was amazing,” said one person.

“What she did was heroic, and now she is a legend,” said another.

Jordan had served as principal at Amy Beverland 22 years.

The Best Plastic Surgeons In Texas

There are a lot of good plastic surgeons in Texas, you will find them all over the state like Dr. Rod Rohrich who is officed in Dallas, Texas. He specializes in taking a face and making slight changes to perfect the details of your face to make you look younger and prettier. His work can be done without making it obvious to everyone else you’ve had surgery. There are other great plastic surgeons too but if you want the very best, then you want Dr. Jennifer Walden.

Dr. Walden can be found in Austin, Texas and is known for helping creating the most beautiful people in the world. She attended school at the University of Texas in Austin where she earned her Bachelor Degree and went on to medical school at the University of Texas at Galveston where she graduated at the top of her class. She understood early on what cosmetic surgery could do for people and decided that would be her specialty early on. she was even listed as one of the top beauty surgeons in Harper’s Bazaar. She did her training and residency surgery at the Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital in Manhattan and ended up staying and opening her own practice and staying eight years. She is the only woman to ever sit on the Board of Directors of ASAPS-The American Society for the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and is still there. She has won awards as a surgeon, she had been on numerous television shows, been in magazines and published a book. After several years in Manhattan, she had hit her thirties and decided she wanted to be a mother, so through invitro-fertilization she was blessed with twin and decided to return home to her original home in Austin, Texas to raise her two twin boys and practice where she is most comfortable.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is known by everyone as a warm, friendly, caring, and brilliant doctor who cares about everyone and shows her confidence in a relaxed, calm manner and is so good that there is a waiting list to see her in her office. She shows understanding and empathy with her patients and gets what they want and are looking for and wants to help them to look better. She has ambition and drive and has always wanted to be the best and luckily she has achieved that. Find Jennifer Walden on her website for more information and to book appointments.

Soros Says Chancellor Merkel Key if European Union is to Survive

According to FXStreet, George Soros, the wealthy financier, believes that German chancellor Angela Merkel prediction that the European Union will end in ruin may be correct. He also believes that she holds the keys to keeping the union together. In a recent interviewed, first published in English on New York Review of Books, the billionaire financier spoke out on many issues that may end the European Union. He believes that the people of the European Union must follow the recent leadership of Chancellor Merkel.
First, he says that the European Union’s handling of Greece’s financial crisis allowed it to deepen over many years. In his book The Tragedy of the European Union, Soros outlines how he believes that banks have become parasites who are looking out only for their own self-interest. According to the BBC, Soros believes that unless the International Monetary Fund becomes viewed as a lender of last resort and that others lenders understand that the economy is based on small and medium sized businesses that they must help fund the 2008 money crisis will be repeated. He warns that the next time could be much worse resulting in the end of the European Union.
Soros also says that the Syrian immigration problem may also doom the European Union. Currently the European Union has 29 different immigration policies. Soros claims that all must create one plan to make sure that migrants can become part of society in an orderly manner. He believes that Merkel holds the key to creating that policy with her open door policy. He, however, worries that the people of Germany are not accepting this policy as can be seen by Merkel’s falling numbers in recent polls.
While many Great Britain citizens are favoring their country leaving the European Union, Soros believes that would be a very bad idea. He says that over 50 percent of Great Britain’s economy is based on trade with other countries in the union. Staying a member provides them favorable positions. He also says that the country needs to stay part of the union for political reasons.
Soros has been active in Ukraine since 1995. He says that the country is one of the European Union’s most valuable assets. He says that standing up to the Russians on this issue will also restore a sense of solidarity to the European Union. This sense of solidarity is needed if the European Union is going to survive.

A Peek into the Career of Sergio Cortes, the Medical Practitioner and Hip Surgeon

Sergio Cortes is an accomplished medical practitioner with over two decades of experience in the profession. During this long career, Sergio has worked with various health bodies and organizations both in the public and private sector. He is presently serving as the Chief Medical Officer and Executive Director of Rede D’OR Sao Luiz, a position he has served for the past two years.
Educational background
Professionally, Surgeon is a qualified doctor and hip surgeon that has been in practice since the early 1990s. He also holds other qualifications such as healthcare administration, management, and emerging issues. Additionally, he has certifications in advanced management program as well as accounting and finance from the Harvard Business School of Executive Education.
Sergio kicked off his medical career in 1990 as an orthopedic cum hip surgeon with the National Institute of trauma and orthopedics in Brazil. He worked with the Institute for more than 20 years and rose through the institutions ranks to join the management. In 2002, Cortes was elevated to the position of the director of the institute a post he held till late 2006
In 2007, Sergio was appointed the state health secretary for Rio de Janeiro a position he held for the following seven years. During this time, Sergio is credited with helping the state health department get through the 2013 floods that in turn led to an outbreak of dengue virus in the region that threatened to spread across the country. He led the department tasked with providing emergency medical care to the affected, collecting viral samples and evaluating them as well as decontaminating waters in the surrounding regions to reduce the spread of the viral disease.  It is upon leaving the state healthcare department that he joined Rede D’OR Sao Luiz as the facilities Chief Medical Officer and executive director.
In addition to serving as a medical professional, Sergio also runs a personal website,where he regularly updates his followers on different health topics. On this platform, he advices on how to lead healthy lives as well as primary symptoms of various diseases, how they can be detected early, and most importantly, how to treat them. He also enjoys massive following on the social networking sites LinkedIn and Twitter.