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May 2016
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Lose Weight The Right Way With NutriMost

Dr. Rob Vasquez is a wellness advocate. He’s been featured on News4SanAntonio for his program. But he has also had his own wellness issues. Chief among them was weight control. Throughout his life he has tried several diet plans, including those that featured packaged meals and powder shakes. Vasquez could never make the plans work for him. He did not achieve weight loss success until he tried the NutriMost program. With it he lost 35 pounds in 40 days. He eventually lost 60 pounds, and has been able to keep the weight off.

Dr. Vasquez and his team of health coaches have been aiding his patients in weight loss strategies. His NutriMost patients who have been following the nutrimostrecipes program have seen improvements in serious medical conditions, which include type two diabetes, chronic pain, and high blood pressure.
To keep his weight in check Vasquez uses a set of positive habits that he believes will lead anybody to a healthy life style.
Eating organic is one practice. Organic foods are free of chemicals that can affect your health. Find them at grocery stores or farmer’s markets,
Eating more vegetables will keep calories down, and enrich your body with the proper nutrients.
Sugars from fruits and vegetables contain fibers, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are positive. But processed sugars like those found in candy and sodas should be avoided, or cut down upon.
Getting a body scan can personalize which foods can specifically aid you in weight loss. A body composition analysis is a way of getting an accurate assessment of your weight loss goals. You get a reading on things like your body mass index, and fat percentage.
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Can George Soros’s Plan Pull the EU through the Syrian Refugee Crisis?

In response to the Syrian refugee crisis on happening in Europe the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban has come forth with a plan which he feels is the best way to deal with the incoming refugees and the chaos their presence is causing amongst the countries of the European Union on His is not the only voice that has sounded off on the matter. Philanthropist George Soros presented his own plan on the September 29th opinion.

George Soros feels that his own six point plan is superior to Prime Minister Orban’s, because he feels his plan is more in line with humanitarian ideals that he feels need to be taken into consideration when making decisions of this kind.

If implemented; the plan would get the European countries on the same page and coordinate their efforts to help the refugees on, for the good of not only the countries involved but also that of the refugees.

Per his Market Watch piece: part one as envisioned by Soros would ensure that countries would assume responsibility for taking in and financing refugees. The number of refugees and the monetary amounts would be agreed on by the EU. Coordinating the asylum effort and getting organized would alleviate what is currently a disorganized system that is not working. Part two involves financially aiding Jordan, Turkey, and Lebanon with their own respective shares of the refugee crisis, and attracting the involvement of other nations that can lend a hand. Part three calls for a centralized body that would be formed to deal specifically with migrants in need of asylum and the patrol of the border. An integrated migrant/border board would go far toward making George Soros’s entire plan a reality. Part four would establish a a clear path for refugees to reach their destination, without getting caught in between zones where they are more likely to be killed. Having the clear path laid out in part four plays in to part five, which asks for the establishment of protocol globally with regard to how refugees are treated. And finally part six deals with getting people and groups outside of government in the private sector to get involved.

The plan that George Soros proposes in the above mentioned Market Watch piece fits in well with the nature of his other philanthropic ventures. Soros’s involvement in ending Apartheid and in transitioning former Soviet countries similarly took care that there would be as little collateral damage as possible.

Whether George Soros’s plan comes to fruition in the EU remains to be seen; the powers of governments may outweigh the importance of this crisis being handled from a perspective that takes into account the well being of the people in need of help. His plan is well-organized enough that the EU governments would benefit from seriously examining the possibilities of implementing it, and humanitarian enough that they should honestly consider it.

Dick Devos: Education and American Values

Philanthropists play a large role in helping reform and improve public and private education in American. Egalitarian individuals have been particularly active in assisting public education by creating non-profit organizations to provide for the needy where public policy is lacking, and to work with other organizations to help reform those policies. These activists often must fight against entrenched members of the status quo to incite change, who frequently financially gain from the current arrangement. This fight often takes the shape of creating lobby groups to change laws, create press coverage for these issues and find solutions for students in need, such as after school programs. It is both the good of society and their debt to it that inspire individuals to spend so much time, effort and wealth on such endeavors.
One such person is Dick Devos, who is highly active in the fight to support underprivileged children in Michigan. After having led a successful business career including three years spent as the CEO of the Orlando Magic, he founded the Education Freedom Fund, which has awarded over 4,000 scholarships to students to attend the West Michigan Aviation academy. His dedication to the state and its populace also included time on its Board of Education. Together with his wife and in line with his values, he started the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation to offer further support for the vulnerable in his state.
His efforts did not end at education. He served his native Grand Rapids by spearheading multiple downtown revitalization projects, and in all was able to add a total of $537M in projects to the city. Dick believes in the need for a return to traditional American values, and attempted to enact his beliefs politically by running for governor of Michigan in 2006, but unfortunately lost. Despite this set back, Dick will continue trying to serve his community through his firm belief that improved education will serve communities both locally and globally.

A Company That Creates Awesome Work Out Clothes

Fabletics offers women and men high-quality and affordable workout clothing. Fabletics only uses premium fabrics and high-quality technology in their athletic gear. The great thing about Fabletics workout clothes is that they are affordable and stylish.

An individual can sign up for Fabletics and they can choose an entire outfit for only $25 to start. After that, each month they will be able to choose from another stylish outfit and they can cancel at anytime.

Kate Hudson is the creator of Fabletics. She is an avid believer in the importance of exercise, and she wanted to be able to help people work out and at the same time get to wear stylish outfits that are affordable. A person can also decide to be a VIP member and they will save up to 50% off the regular pricing.

This person can also earn points to get free items. Bustle said that Fabletics can also be canceled at any time; all that an individual has to do is call the member services team.

Recently Elite Daily did an article about Kate Hudson’s new budget swimwear for extra extra small and extra extra large sizes in Fabletics. Hudson loves summertime and because of that she wanted to launch a swimming collection. Hudson worked with a team of designers in order to get perfect swim styles. Fabletics styles are stylish and sexy, but they are also very comfortable and of course affordable.

This new swimwear collection will be coming April 12 and many of the fans of Kate Hudson’s clothing line will be excited to see how it looks. Fabletics is a company that falls under Just Fab and they will also be launching a line of complementary dresses.

Fabletics is a company that was started in 2013, and it’s intention was to be able to compete with other athletic brands such as Nike and Reebok. Fabletics wants to do be able to offer its users a affordable option to chic athletic wear.

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Queens Of Drama Features Divas Like Crystal Hunt

One of the newest twists on reality television to hit the airwaves in recent years was a new pop series designed to appear as if it was unscripted when, in actuality, everything about it was well-planned. Called the Queens of Drama, the series followed a sextet of former daytime and prime time soap stars as they tried to create, sell, and produce a show. The concept was generated following the reduction in popularity of soap operas and increased interest in programs focused on the lives of real people. With fewer opportunities available for actresses working in that particular genre, the series was designed to create the illusion of a reality TV show by providing the stars with the opportunity to ad-lib their way to their ultimate goal while increasing audience appeal through proven techniques such as the development of a contentious relationship between Lindsay Hartley and Crystal Hunt.

Hunt began her acting career as a youngster in pageants. Commercials soon followed and at the age of 17 she received her first big break by landing the role of troubled teen Lizzie Spaulding on “The Guiding Light.” During her four year stint on the show, she began her movie career by appearing in pictures such as “The Derby Stallion” and “Sydney White,” which was a spin on the fairy tale “Snow White.”

Between 2009 and 2012 Hunt was cast by “One Life To Live” as the untrustworthy stripper Stacy Morasco. Since that time she has appeared in films such as “NYC Underground,” “23 Blast,” and “Magic Mike XXL”. She also expanded her interests in the industry by producing feature films such as “Talbot County,” an Alfred Hitchcock thriller.  Check out Crystal’s YouTube reel to see snippets of all of her roles.

In addition to a cast of divas, like Hunt, scheduled to appear on a regular basis, Pop also slated appearances of daytime and prime time soap veterans such as Joan Collins and Donna Mills. The first of its kind, the docu-drama dubbed the Queens of Drama was released in 2015. Fans will likely be looking forward to Season 2 that began filming last fall. An air date, however, has yet to be announced.

Wow Purina Beneful has what your canine friend needs

Have you heard about the many products that Purina Store Beneful has out there? These are high quality products rich in vitamins containing real meats and vegetables making for a complete, balanced meal for your canine friends.

There are a variety of dry dog foods ( to choose from like the Beneful Original with real beef, which contains spinach, carrots, peas and real beef. It is rich in antioxidants and comes in 3.5, 6.3, 13, 15.5, 31.1, 40 and 44 pound bags for your convenience. You can also get this same product with real chicken or real salmon.

Then there is the Beneful Healthy Weight dry dog food, which as the name would suggest helps your dog to maintain a healthy weight. This excellent product includes real chicken, apples, carrots and green beans making for a yummy and healthy meal.

Let’s not forget about Beneful Healthy Puppy made special for that little fellow or gal, rich in calcium giving them the nutrients they need to grow up to be healthy and strong. It also has DHA, which helps for a healthy vision and brain development. Its recipe has real chicken, peas and carrots; this is available on WalMart groceries in the 3.5, 6.3 and 15.5 pound bags.

Last but not least of the dry foods I will mention here there’s Playful Life. This delicious dry food helps supply 100 % of the nutrients he or she needs on a daily basis, besides its yummy featuring real beef and egg, also blueberries and spinach. This comes in the 3.5, 6.3, 15.5 and 31.1 pound bags.

As far as treats and snacks there are the Purina Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Ridges, which help reduce plaque and tartar build up also helping to support teeth and strong bones and at the same time freshens up their breath. This is available in the small to medium 7.4 ounce pouch and also the larger 8.4 ounce pouch. These are yummy, with real meat and real parsley meaty middles. They come in mini bite size for the little ones, also small/medium and large for those big fellows. Along the same lines there are the Dental Twists featured in the same sizes and more flavors.




The Need To Get Financial Opinion from Madison Street Capital

Additional assurance is a great factor to consider for both mid sized corporations and the well-established ones. Certain transactions are elements that lead to significant change in the financial status and position of a firm. In addition, a transaction can lead to a change in control that may be from a financial view fair of not fair for the business. The firm has to have a protective measure which is, in this case, seeking an opinion from seasoned experts like Madison Street Capital Advisors. The firm is available to offer financial opinions that are fair giving the business great growth opportunities and positive return.

Madison Street Capital Advisors have the on hand experience in all matters of financial strategies on For example for a firm not doing so well in business the company is there to dictate options if consulted. Maybe taking a loan can help a firm in gaining momentum while merging the firm with another firm is losing momentum and value for that mid-sized corporation. Such options need positive intervention and opinion seeking from experts. Many of such transactions according to Madison Street Capital require consideration of their complexity and independence; in addition, there has to be more input with an element of diligence. This will be an avoidance factor of factors such as restructuring and collapsing f businesses that one worked so hard to develop.

Located in Chicago Illinois Madison Street Capital is the world top most mid-sized firm that is an expert in investment banking and financial advisories. The firm has ben of service to mid-sized firms globally and it has offices in Asia, Africa and North America. Madison Street Capital Advisors have seasoned professionals with top-notch expertise in financial and capital management. Their services on are focusing on bringing momentum and stability to business operations, restoring relationships between vendors and lenders and developing restructuring strategies for businesses both the already established and the startup businesses.

Madison Street Capital professionals are the kind to seek an opinion from at the startup of a firm. They know the pros and cons of finances in a variety of industries like hedge funds, manufacturing industries, consumer retail industries and financial institutions. They have a helping hand in reorganization, capital restructuring, sales and mergers. All these are complicated factors required in generating liquidity in finances from all mid-sized firms. Buyers and sellers are connected to their complements and offered valuation services from the existing product or firm. Madison is there to give opinions and first-hand recommendations and solutions.

Alexei Beltyukov: Businessman and Philanthropist

Alexei Beltyukov is a Russian entrepreneur and businessman. CrunchBase shows that Beltyukov is unique among philanthropists for his unique outlook on philanthropy. Beltyukov believes wholeheartedly in the concept of “the freer the market,the freer the people.” Because of this many of his philanthropic ventures help others to start their own businesses. However, he believes that business cannot only help an individual achieve wealth and success, but also sees business as a way that can directly help people in need.

Beltyukov’s own business model is an example of this. His company A Ventures Ltd. sees its main goal as being able to help other companies that are struggling to keep themselves afloat. Where other businessmen would see failure Beltyukov sees opportunity and will loan money to companies in hopes that they will be able to pay him back. Investment for the future permeates Beltyukov’s philosophy and believes that the more businesses that Russia has operating the better the whole country will be.

Beltyukov’s success has earned him praise from the Russian government and he works regularly with the government in order to help them pass policies that stimulate business and improve the education system in order to turn out well trained workers. He sits as Vice President of the Skolkovo Foundation which helps to provide funding for start-up companies focused on technology.

However, Beltyukov does not constrain himself simply to business. He also sees investment in the youth as an important goal. He helped to found the INSEAD scholarship, which helps financially support Russian students accepted into the prestigious INSEAD university located in France. By engaging in philanthropy like this Beltyukov shows that monetary investment is not the only way for a country to prepare for a prosperous future. This investment in education is not exclusive to Russia and Beltyukov invests in education around the world.

A great example of this is his new project SOLVY. SOLVY is an educational software that is able to give responsive and helpful feedback to those within the education industry. It serves as a homework space for students so teachers can easily track their work. It is specially focused in math and Beltyukov hopes that it will lead to increased help for struggling students around the planet.  The website can be found here.

Alexei Beltyukov has been able to carve out a place as one of the leading entrepreneurs in Russia by not solely focusing on business, but rather focuses on the future.  Alexei is also an author, and frequently connects with his followers on Twitter.

Kate Hudson: The “Fairy Godmother” for Women with Fitness Goals

Everyone secretly wishes to have a fitness fairy godmother. To go into the gym changing room with a less than comfortable or stylish outfit of a baggy t-shirt and worn out old sweat pants then a magical fitness fairy godmother would appear suddenly and tap the slumpy outfit with a magic wand. In a flash of light it would change into a fitted, flattering stylish bralette and patterned leggings. That isn’t quite how the actress Kate Hudson is a fitness fairy godmother however. Instead she’s achieved it by creating a cost-effective and stylish athletic wear line for women called Fabletics with the CEOs of the JustFab online fashion retail company.

Fabletics is a monthly subscription based company. You can get one decent priced Fabletics fitness outfit each month unless you wish to skip the month which you can do. You can also cancel the subscription whenever you wish by calling the member service’s number listed on the Fabletics website.

Kate Hudson did an interview about her athletic wear for Elle the popular fashion magazine in 2013. She not only answered questions about Fabletics, she additionally answered questions about her fitness motivations and her past fitness life.

Kate answered the question “You have always been active, but how did you decide to create Fabletics?” by simply saying she was interested in helping women and the JustFab company owners contacted her about doing a collaboration.

“What’s a tip you have from your trainer?” was a question Kate said quickly that her trainer always tells her that she has to do it. Otherwise she won’t get the results she wants. She acknowledged that it can be hard to find motivation to work out and that she is very lucky to have a trainer to give her some more motivation. Her advice to women though is to ensure you keep up your fitness routine if you want real results.

“How has you fitness goals and diet changed during your life?” Kate replied that her life has been very active ever since she was young. Her mom danced and her dad played baseball. Her brother played hockey while she was a soccer player and a dancer. She explains that living such active people in turn made her active and has inspired her to try to be as active as oossibek today with Pilates and other workouts.

“What were your favorite memories of actor Cory Monteith who you worked with in Glee?” was her next question from the interview. She states that he was a great guy and everyone loved working with him and the cast were all equally saddened by his death.

“What are your favorite Fabletics pieces?” To this query she lists off the seamless sports bra, the cross back, the multiple strap sports bra and the snakeskin leggings.

To the question “Is there any fitness tips you think are actually myth?” Kate points out that long cleanses don’t really make sense to her, although she believes in any cleanses under ten days as being healthy for the body. The main factor in body health though is having a fitness plan and being happy.
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The State of the Brazilian Economy

Brazil is a one of the most popular countries in the world, and it is always in the limelight. First of all, the sporting activities that happen in this country attract the words attention of the international community. The country has the best football team that leaves people excited after they play in the field.

This time, Brazil is not in the limelight because of sporting activities. It is making the headlines for the wrong reasons. The country’s economy has not been moving in the right direction, and experts say that something must be done immediately to bring everything under control.

Apart from the economy being stagnant for some years now, the banking industry in the country is in the limelight too. People expected to see this institution get losses due to the financial status of the country, but this is not happening. The banks, especially the one in the private sector are making very high profits, a very shocking revelation.
Many investors from the rest of the world are asking a lot of questions. How is the banking industry in Brazil doing so well yet the economy is not growing? What are some of the banking strategies being used by Brazil?

Igor Cornelsen is an expert in the financial investment institutions, and he knows very well what has been taking place in the private banks in Brazil, and why they are reporting such profits yet the economic situation of the country is wanting.

Igor Cornelsen said on PR Newswire he believes that Brazil is experienced in the banking industry, and this is why it is managing the situation so well. The country has gone through this mess for several times, and so they have enough experience on how to cope and survive at the end of the day without getting losses. The people in charge of these banks are also experts in the banking industry, so they know what to do when a problem like this happens.

The private banks in the company have implemented all these in their financial year, and they ended up making big profits. They have the knowledge to understand the importance of lending their money to the individuals who qualify, leaving the rest of the group to get their money from the government or even forget their investment plans. This might seem like a bad idea to the macro economy, but Igor believes that this is what has been saving the private industry.

According to Igor Cornelsen, Brazil is still in a good position to rise to get back to its original form. He advises the country to get a new finance minister who has knowledge about the industry because he will guide the country in the right direction. The country has a potential for the infrastructure development, and if this is taken care of by the locals, the country will be back on its feet soon.