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December 2016
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Bruce Levenson, The Smart Entrepreneur

Bruce Levenson, a Jew from Washington DC showed his determination early in life by graduating from the American University with a law degree while taking part in night classes. He had previously attended Washington University in St. Luis for his college studies and attained a bachelor’s degree.

Levenson grew up in Chevy Chase Maryland. He started his career by writing for the Washington star and observer while working as a journalist. Later in 1977, with a friend and partner, ED Peskowitz, they founded United Communication Group (UCG) in Levenson’s apartment. They published a newsletter called Oil Express which focused on the happenings in the oil industry. They assimilated other newsletters that organized oil price information, news analysis for healthcare, energy and other industries. Bruce was also a founding board member of TechTarget, an IT and media firm since 2015.

Bruce Levenson is a generous giver. He is known to contribute to worthy causes. The “I have a dream” foundation in Washington was his creation. It deals with several charity works. Read:

For a long time, Levenson was a co– owner of the Atlanta Hawks LLC, the operating body of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team. He was on the NBA Board of Governors since 2004. Levenson announced the sale of its 50.1 percent stake to the best bidder at such a time when the team was at the top of their game. The stakes were sold to the Ressler-led group in 2015 at a value of $850 million. The sale which was instructed by Goldman Sachs and inner circle sport to sell included the operating rights to Phillips Arena. Goldman Sachs had earlier given Levenson an indication that the Atlanta Hawks would sell by at least $1.billion.

The former management of the Atlanta Hawks went to court after the buyer rescinded on an earlier agreement on how to settle workers compensation. The previous owners claimed that they were insured against losses related to employment practices which were not honored by the new management.


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Goettl Making a Difference in the HVAC Service Industry

The Goettl is a leading heating and air conditioning service provider whose excellence in the industry has been recognized. Goettl was established in 1939 and has succeeded through decades of business and technology changes and transitions. The legacy continues even today with the company dedicating all its efforts to offering high-end customer service to all its clients.

Goettl has service centers in Phoenix and the larger Tucson metropolitan areas. It has the necessary experience and a strong management team of technicians who provide excellent technical expertise and customer service for both commercial and residential HVAC service and installations.

What the Company Offers

Goettl offers a range of services that include residential cooling, heat pump and air conditioning, installation, repair, and maintenance. Also, it offers emergency service and design for new installations and homes. It specializes in recommending and installing high-efficiency cooling services.

Heating Services

Goettl offers a broad range of residential and heating services that include radiant heating installation, heat pump integration, furnace installation, and has and electric installation among others. Also, it offers a full range of tune up and home service plans to ensure your system runs smoothly.

Air Conditioning Services

Goettl ensures that your family is safe and comfortable by offering full house humidification and air cleaning services. Other air quality services include thermostat installation, testing and integration and UV germicidal lights and air duct cleaning. Whenever you need help with your system, the company representatives will be there to fulfill all your needs accordingly.

Ken Goodrich’s Community Service

The owner and CEO of Goettl, Mr. Ken Goodrich is passionate about helping the community. Over the past decades, he has been helping hundreds of needy students to pursue their education by offering sponsorships. The company sponsors about 1000 dollars worth of tools to assist students’ jumpstart their careers. He provides the Veterans Tool Award to deserving students making it among the largest endorsements he offers. The award helps them to transition from college to the career world.

In addition to owning the company, Goodrich also sponsors the J. Duncan Goodrich Air Conditioning Technology Lab at CSN and another scholarship program is known as the “Son of a Gun.” The scholarship is awarded to current students from multiple generation families in this industry.

Goodrich purchased Goettl in 2012 and has since built several successful HVAC and Plumbing firms across the Southwest. Goettl has a long history and continues to be a part of the changes the changes the community is making in building a safe and empowered society.

Atlanta Hawks Former Owners Sue After Ferry Settlement

After what Bruce Levenson calls a breach of contract by AIG Insurance, his company – Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC (AHBE) – is suing to reclaim damages after judgement in a case against former Hawks executive, Danny Ferry, the team’s former General Manager (GM). AHBE is mostly owned by Levenson and does not have anything to do with the existing Hawks ownership or Tony Ressler, their principal owner. This is being launched as a civil action for breach of contract and bad faith operations by AIG.

They still contend that Ferry’s claims of ‘wrongful termination’ are completely covered by AHBE’s insurance from AIG. According to, this settlement was ordered in 2015, shortly before the former owners group sold the team to the Ressler group. None of the parties involved has any continuing tied to the team. The amount Ferry received in the final settlement has never been publicly disclosed. The lawsuit contends that AIG refused to even acknowledge their claim and denied any responsibility in coverage in the matter.

Bruce Levenson is a former publishing magnate who has become quite involved in professional sports. After his investment group bought the Atlanta Hawks professional basketball team, they also purchased the local hockey team: the Atlanta Thrashers as well as the Hawks home stadium, the Phillips Arena. The improvements the group put into both teams became very useful and led to successful sales of both teams.

Levenson is from a large family, of Jewish descent, in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He has always been quite generous with both his money and his personal time as a major philanthropist in the modern Southern United States. He has been a primary support for the causes for survivors of the Nazi holocaust of World War II. His own mother-in-law was a survivor of the horrors perpetrated by the fascist Germany of the past.

The Intriguing World of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier has made many accomplishments in the world of computer software and IT despite there being nothing in his professional training about computers. He graduated from Harvard University having majored in English and American literature. However, taking classes in MIT in a nearby school may have helped catapult him into the tricky world of information technology. He is currently the co-founder, chairman and CEO of ServiceMesh, Inc.

Pulier’s career has never been short of intrigues. The man, who began programming computers at an early age, had already set up a database computer company before he even completed high school. With a professional background in English and American literature, Pulier took up an editor’s job with The Harvard Crimson where his primary duty was to write articles.

In 1991, Pulier moved to Los Angeles and began a new company, People Doing Things (PDT), which enabled him to put his talent in technology to good use. The aim of PDT was to look into various issues that included education and healthcare through the use of technology. Three years later, Pulier pulled another stunt by founding Digital Evolution, an interactive agency that then cast him into national limelight by merging with US Interactive LLC.

More surprises were in store for the Harvard-trained entrepreneur as in 1997, the Presidential Inaugural Committee settled on Pulier and tasked him with developing the Presidential Technology Exhibition which was dubbed “The Bridge to the 21st Century”. Riding on the back of the presidential exhibition success, he took part in Al Gore’s technology and healthcare forum. Al Gore was the then vice president of the United States.

Eric Pulier has also shown dedication to reaching and helping others. He is a member of the board of the X-Prize Foundation that holds competitions with a view of solving man’s greatest challenges. He also makes donations to many charity organizations such as The Painted Turtle and many other philanthropic institutions.

He has founded many other organizations that include Media Platform, Akana, and Desktone. He still puts his writing skills to use.He co-authored a book on service-oriented architecture going with the title “Understanding Enterprise SOA.” Needless to say, Eric Pulier has had an interesting career.

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Back to School Prank With Edible School Supplies

The prankster Wengie came out with a video on back to school pranks for her YouTube channel. The eight pranks are mainly all in good fun and aren’t mean spirited. The pranks revolve around edible school supplies.


Edible Crayons

You will need colorful gelatin, thick straws and duct tape. Make a mold for the crayons using the duct tape and the straw. Set the mold into a glass. Mix up and make your gelatin. Carefully pour the gelatin into the straw mold, then pop them in the fridge to set. Squeeze out the gelatin crayons and then you can shape them to look like crayons. Cut a crayon wrapper off of a crayon with a knife and attach them to the gummy crayons. Now you can scare someone at school by munching on your gelatin crayons.


Fake Pencil Shavings

You can completely gross out your school mates by eating fake pencil shavings. Cut up Brazil nuts to make it look like pencil shavings. Place them in a clean pencil sharpener.


Edible Pencil Eraser

This one requires one of those big eraser’s that are hidden in a pencil like shape and a musk stick candy. Remove your long thin eraser from the tube. Replace it with a musk candy stick that has been slightly thinned out. You can munch away on this “eraser” now for a snack.


Pencil Erasers Bubblegum

Cut out the erasers on some pencils. Carefully roll up a hubba bubba gum into a small, eraser-like shape. Tuck it into the top of the pencil in the eraser holder.


Edible Markers

You will need food dye pens that you use to decorate cakes. Paint it to look like a Sharpie. It won’t look exactly like a Sharpie. Now you should drip some diluted Kool Aid onto the tip. It will taste like Kool Aid.


Gummy Erasers

Add fifty mls of water, one hundred mls of milk, half a teaspoon of gelatin and one tablespoon of pink or red jelly powder. Bring it to a boil. Pour it into a mold and then place it in the fridge. After it has set you can cut out the shape of an eraser.


Edible Glue

Pour out your Elmer’s Glue into a bottle to use later. Clean it out thoroughly. Pour glucose syrup into it.


Starburst Glue

Remove the glue from a gluestick. Clean out the gluestick container. Then stamp the center of Starburst candy with the gluestick. The Starburst candy will go inside the container and it will look close like a real gluestick.

The Hedge Fund Guru – Keith Mann

Keith Mann has over 15 years experience in hedge fund compensation, hiring, and staffing strategy. Mann previously held the position of managing director for Dynamics Executive Search, recruiting for organizations that deal with financial services. In 2002, he was responsible for launching an Alternative Investment Practice at Dynamics Executive Search. The practice was focused on exploiting the hedge fund business. In 2006, Mann extended the practice to include private equity, and later on, in 2009, he founded Dynamics Search Partners/DSP, an executive search organization focused on alternative investment.


The Concept of DSP


The idea behind DSP was derived from many years of experience in the alternative investment industry. Keith Mann claims to have been groomed to take his position in this company by tons of legendary executives in the industry. Currently, he is the chief executive officer of DSP where he deals with the daily management of the organization. Mann helps his clients to hire internal strategy, marketing, and investment professionals.


Keith Mann’s Contributions to Society


Keith Mann has proved to be both a philanthropist and a patriot. He recently announced a scholarship dubbed “Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship.” The scholarship appreciates young business leaders. Keith partnered with a non-profit organization in New York, Uncommon School, to initiate this scholarship opportunity. Together, they raised over $22,000 for uncommon schools. According to Mann, the aim of the uncommon school is to bridge the achievement gap as well as help millions of low income and unprivileged students graduate from university.


Mann partnered with the Uncommon schools because their goals reflected his own- helping the community. The Uncommon schools are a network of 42 public schools. They plan to open a new high school in Brooklyn. The group of schools offers wide-range support that includes coaching, management, staff recruitment, professional development, and fundraising. This allows their schools to focus on important issues such as learning and teaching.


This professional achievement award is accessible to students graduating from senior year in uncommon schools. Keith Mann has also demonstrated his support for the government. In light of the conflict and violence facing the New York Police Department, Mann sent lunch to the 54th precinct division of the NYPD. This was a gesture of appreciation.

Equities First Holdings: Why More Borrowers are Opting to Use Stock as Loan Collateral

Equities First Holdings (EFH) has established itself as a major player as far as the provision of alternative financial solutions is concerned. According to the firm, there has been a growing trend whereby more borrowers are overlooking traditional bank loans in favor of alternative forms of credit. This situation has mainly been caused by the fact that traditional financing institutions have tightened up their lending criteria.

Borrowers who are in need of quick and collateral-free loans often get locked out by the strict conditions that are imposed by banks. Interest rates have also increased across the board. Equities First Holding’s founder and chief executive officer Al Christy opines that loans that are collateralized by stocks are an innovative alternative, more so to individuals who are looking for quick working capital. Generally, the loan to value ratio of these loans is greater than that of traditional loans. Besides this, they have fixed interest rates. This explains why they are gaining popularity.


Market Fluctuations and Why Stock Loans are Secure

Normally, market fluctuations are inevitable. Stock loans are however, more secure than other loans because they are not prone to market fluctuations. This means that borrowers’ investment risk is greatly lowered when they opt for stock loans. These loans often have a non-recourse characteristic, which allows borrowers to opt out at any point, whether the value of the stock depreciates or not. During such circumstances, borrowers can maintain the original loan proceedings without having extra obligations to the lender.


About Equity First Holdings

The Indianapolis based firm was formed in 2002 to provide alternative financing options. It supplies loans against stock that is publicly traded in a bid to facilitate clients in their quest to attain their personal and corporate goals. The firm provides finances against shares that are sold on public exchanges across the global markets.


Since being founded, EFH has facilitated the completion of over 650 business deals valued at more than 1.4 billion dollars. During this time, the company has been dedicated to the provision of high value loans, which have fixed interest rates. EFH has several wholly owned subsidiaries including Equities First (London) Limited and Equities First Holdings Singapore Limited.

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OSI: Over 100 Years of Quality and Purpose

George Bernard Shaw said, “There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” We all have to eat no matter where you live, work or play, we have to eat. Specifically, when you don’t want to cook or have been out all day or just finished a strenuous exercise, a good meal is on tap. OSI Group reaches you whenever you are hungry.

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For 110 years, this company has served communities top grade, quality meats. Starting out in Oak Park, Illinois, a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky started his meat business 2 years after arriving in America. He and his sons later renamed the business Otto and Sons. They specialized in wholesale meets and moved the business to Maywood, Illinois right outside Chicago. Thanks to scientific knowledge and growth, preserving meat became helpful to society. Otto & Sons’ willingness to preserve meat by using a new technology called Cryogenic processing and packaging became accessible and manageable. This process used liquid nitrogen which quickly freezes food and allows this food to stay tasty along with the essence of the food for a long time.

A testament to their quality service and food is when McDonald’s asked them to supply meat to their growing chains in 1955. Now, only a select few companies serve McDonald’s and other food companies including OSI. Otto & Sons opened a meat plant in Chicago. They changed their names to OSI Group two years later. OSI has locations in more than 16 countries including North America, Eastern and Western Europe and the Asian-Pacific zones. Recently, OSI added Baho Food to their international network adding to their European zone. This equips them to serve the needs of their international customers.

Now, OSI Group remains a name affiliated with superior taste and production. Their menu includes meat patties, bacon, hot dogs, pizza, fish, raw or fully processed chicken and cooked beef and pork, vegetable and dough products. They even have kettle and smoked items.

Forbes listed OSI as a top 136th private company. This country has revenue at over 3 billion. Additionally, they’re received awards for their high standard in the management of the environment, OSI Group has a standard. Its social, economic and environmental responsibilities remain high.

OSI is a recognized name and a global food service provider. Their ability to customize orders for each client, culture or environment puts them at the top for ability. They try to comply with what your customer needs. Because OSI respects their partners and their standing in their local communities, they’re able to satisfy the needs of customers and results for demands or obligations. Their advanced tracking system and production from warehouse to facilities makes them a global powerhouse in chain management.

When you want absolute certainty, product with integrity, orders kept to your specification, and years of know how, OSI stands high above the rest. OSI employs professional staff, stable, superior equipment in the warehouse, and dependable vehicles. Most important are OSI’s century plus experience of uncompromised integrity of supplying food to clients efficiently

The Proven Results of White Shark Media

For people who own a business the concept of marketing to potential customers can be a discouraging task. There will be many websites that claim that they can give your website more traffic, but many times there are no clear way for this website to deliver these results, due to their lack of focused marketing. At White Shark Media they use PPC and SEM search engine tools for their clients. To define in a way that is not so technical, they specific words that are brought up in a search engine, and they advertise to the viewer who is directly searching for the product that the business is selling. They have proven tactics that will help any business with a website be marketable to any potential customer.


Since its inception in 2011, White Shark Media has used its proven ability to sell results through its tactical use of the AdSense and SMB market. In fact, White Shark Media holds a Premier Google Partner badge with its use of online marketing, and they also are Bing Ads Elite SMB Partner. This is important because there are many websites on the market today that could give you proven results in one area, but they lack in the other. White Shark Media is on all of the major American search engines, and these results can be seen throughout the world.


Although many websites can help its audience bring in more people to a physical business somewhere, such as Yelp, White Shark Media will use its website technology to help direct traffic to that Yelp page, along with the website for that business.


While the concept of PPC or SEM might be a little dense for people who are not great with computers to understand, the results that they bring are going to bring in for any company are going to be universal. Having a smart marketing team that will deliver customers and profit is something that should speak for itself. They also have a risk-free AdWords performance evaluation that any company can see what their marketing needs will be.


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Hayman Capital Management Founder Likes Gold But He Also Likes Challenging Pharmaceutical Patents


Kyle Bass, the finicky founder of Hayman Capital Management, is into all sorts of financial end games. Bass is a very famous hedge fund investor, but hedge fund investors are really gamblers, and Bass is one of the most vocal gamblers in the industry. Kyle likes to talk about his winning bets against the subprime mortgage industry in 2008 and his bet that Greece was going to default on its bonds. Bass also bet that Spain and Italy would have financial issues and he collected big time on those bets. His recent bet that China’s currency was going to take a huge hit because of bad bank loans hasn’t paid off yet, but Kyle Bass is optimistic. Bass knows China will have to devalue their currency over the next 24 months, but he might not collect another fortune on that bet. The Chinese play by their own set of rules.



Another bet that is causing some bad press for Bass is the coalition he set up in 2015 with a patent troll. The coalition has filed more than 30 petitions with the patent office to challenge the validity of some of the expensive drugs used to treat, multiple sclerosis, obesity, and arthritis. But Kyle Bass is used to being chastised for his questionable decisions. Hayman Capital has been accused of unethical behavior by some investors. One of those investors is the wife of Chris Kyle, the deceased American Sniper.



In 2008, Kyle Bass was considered a genius, even if now he’s considered a desperate gambler. He made a fortune while most investors lost their shirts. But over the last three years, Bass has lost some of his genius prowess. He is still called on to talk about the economy, the Federal Reserve, gold, China, and the stock market, but his thoughts don’t carry the weight they once did. Bass has become an enigma in the investment industry.



Bass may recoup some of his credibility in the industry, but most insiders say that’s a long shot bet. Ego and money driven Kyle Bass needs a reality check, and a priority adjustment, according to some investors.