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October 2014

Preppers Pushing For Survival Education for Children in School

While Preppers might seem sort of ridiculous to those on the outside, Marnie Bennett tells me that they’ve been pushing for education reform throughout Canada and the United States. Saying that survival skills should be taught alongside math, and literature.

Maybe they have a point too. Survival skills are something that very few people possess in the modern world, and they are something that can literally save your life in the case of being stranded out in the wild. Knowing how to collect food, water, and even to start a fire, form your own shelter is probably pretty important.

There’s a special skill associated with staying alive outside of civilization, probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to teach children basic survival skills. Just as the classroom should approach more real world topics as well. Such as writing a resume, doing your taxes, or even what you need to do in a job interview.

All of which are grossly under explored in the classroom. It’s important to read historic literature, to understand where the United States has come from, and even to solve or write an algorithm. But that’s not going to help you start a fire when you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere.