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December 2014
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Mom Calls in to Talk Show to Scold Politcally Rivaling Sons

Mom Calls in to Talk Show to Scold Politically Rivaling Sons

Two brothers endured the most embarrassing moment of their careers live on C-SPAN when their mother called in to scold them for their behavior on the show, according to

Brad and Dallas Woodhouse, said a friend of Zeca Oliviera, one Democrat and one Republican, were having a heated argument concerning bipartisanship and political disunite in the U.S. when they received the humiliating call from their mother in North Carolina.

The call began with the two boys’ mother announcing herself on air saying, “You’re right I’m from down south — and I’m your MOTHER.” Dallas immediately responded by lowering his head into his hands, “Oh God, it’s Mom.”

The mother of the two political rivaling siblings went on to scold the boys for their bickering on air, telling them that they had better have it out of their systems when it comes time to visit her home for the week of Christmas.

With EDMC, For-Profit Colleges Continue To Come Under Fire

Recent documents reveal that Education Management Corporation (EDMC) has been hit with multiple lawsuits since 2007. Currently, EDMC runs various for-profit colleges, including the widely known Art Institute schools. Each lawsuit has centered around the company’s abuse of federal funds from financial aid. One suit even accuses the company of taking advantage of United States veterans. However, such abuses aren’t unique in the for-profit college industry.

For-profit colleges have a history of taking advantage of their students. Likewise, EDMC isn’t the only company to face accusations of cheating the financial aid system. Such accusations are fairly common and involve recruiters encouraging prospective students to lie on financial aid forms. Unfortunately, this has become the trend with for-profit universities in the past decade or so. Only recently have these companies started coming under fire for their practices.

Plus, more and more students at these colleges continue to find themselves wasting their time and money. Thousands of students graduate from for-profit colleges only to find that they’re unqualified for their chosen profession. Others find that their credits won’t transfer to other universities. Students often find that other problems can arise when it comes to attending a for-profit university, including mounting debts.

Analysts believe that EDMC will shutter its doors sometime in the near future. Otherwise, ITT Technical Institute could be the next for-profit college to fail. Similar schools have been forced to close their doors after scandals or accusations of financial aid fraud. The schools that are still in operation manage to attract new students by using shady marketing tactics and other ploys.

Big thanks to Gianfrancesco Genoso for bringing this important subject to our attention.

Malala Yousafzai Becomes Youngest Nobel Laureate In History

A teenager from Pakistan proudly claimed the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway. Malala Yousafzai was recognized for her role as an activist for education. She became the youngest individual to get this award. Additionally, she’s also the first person from Pakistan to be honored with the Nobel Peace Prize. 

In 2012, the 17-year old was shot in her face by the Taliban regime because she insisted that girls have a right to receive an education. Healthcare staffer Brian Torchin says that during her acceptance speech, Malala claimed that she represents millions of girls worldwide who don’t have access to basic education. The young activist further emphasized that world leaders should try to promote secondary and high level education for oppressed children. 

At the award ceremony, Malala was accompanied by several other girls who shared similar stories of hardship. A girl from Nigeria talked about her struggles with going to school while the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram tries to prevent females from getting an education. Kailash Satyarthi of India also received the Nobel Peace Prize this year for campaigning for children’s rights. Each winner was also given a check for $700,000.

Up to this year, Lawrence Bragg has been the youngest Nobel Laureate as he won the prize for physics in 1915 at the age of 25. Historically, winners of the Nobel Prize have mostly been individuals with a lifetime of experience in their respective fields of specialty.

Some of the Latest Research on Archaeopteryx, the First Bird

Archaeopteryx has long been hailed as the “first bird.” Discovered in Germany in the 1860’s, it was the first transitional fossil found. By dinosaur standards, it was small, with the adults being about the size of ravens. It had broad feathered wings, but it also had jaws filled with sharp teeth, a long, bony, reptilian tail, and claws like a dinosaur’s. It had lived 145 million years ago during the Jurassic Period.

For generations, Archaeopteryx was undisputedly the first bird, but that began to change in the 1990’s, when other transitional fossils were found. Among these were Anchiornis huxleyi and Microraptor gui, which had four wings. Another challenger was Aurornis xui, which looked a bit like Archaeopteryx — but predated it by 10 million years.

There are now twelve Archaeopteryx fossils and one, nicknamed the phantom, lived more recently than the others. Some researchers believe this may mean that Archaeopteryx had more than one species. Another one of the fossils showed that Archaeopteryx had legs covered with feathers, indicating that feathers had originally evolved for insulation or display, rather than flight.

Scientists have also developed techniques to more thoroughly analyze Archaeopteryx, including 3-D scans of the fossils. Some Occidental College researchers are using these methods to study the animal’s skull and brain and compare the results to modern birds and other dinosaurs. They have found that Archaeopteryx had something called a wulst in its brain. Modern birds also have this structure, and scientists think that Archaeopteryx used its wulst to process visual information when it flew.

Tom Rothman: An Educator at Heart

For some people, their love of education never wavers. No matter what career they have, they continue to be involved in educational endeavors. Whether presenting guest lectures to students, mentoring in after-school programs or coaching various sports the thrill of helping kids lead better lives makes all the hard work worth the effort. For Hollywood executive Tom Rothman, education has been and continues to be a big part of his life. From his early days as an English teacher to lecturing at some of the most prestigious universities in the United States, Tom always finds the time to pass his knowledge and experience on to the next generation.

A graduate of Brown University and Columbia Law School, Tom’s ascent to the highest levels in Hollywood shows what hard work and taking one’s education seriously can lead a person to achieve. Along with speaking to both undergraduate and graduate classes at UCLA, Brown and NYU he has also made a significant contribution to a textbook that is used in film and business schools across the globe. The Movie Business Book, detailing exactly how the business side of Hollywood works, has benefitted from a number of contributions from Tom, all of which have proven to be very insightful and useful to students later on in their careers.

One of the most impressive aspects of Tom’s personality is his willingness to help educational causes whenever possible. He has served on a number of committees at various schools over the years, providing guidance in such areas as Academic Affairs and online education. He also continues to spend some of his spare time as a teacher and mentor to students at schools in the Southern California area. One of his proudest achievements has been serving as one of the primary teachers and fundraisers for the Mentor L.A. Partner Schools, an organization committed to giving students at risk of dropping out a positive role model from which they can learn life and career skills. Tom also does much work with the Art Therapy Outreach Center in New York, which focuses on using art therapy with at-risk students in danger of dropping out of school and falling through the cracks. Tom also loves to work with the American Film Institute, where he currently serves as an Emeritus member of the Board of Directors.

No matter how busy Tom is with his latest Hollywood blockbuster, he always finds the time to help others succeed. The father of two daughters and married for over 25 years to actress, author and singer/songwriter Jessica Harper, Tom has always instilled in his own children a love of learning. Whether lecturing to students at an Ivy League school, speaking to at-risk high school students or providing recommendations from a committee seat Tom Rothman always has the best interest of the student at heart. As his Hollywood career continues to be better than ever, Tom has no doubt he will still spend more and more time with the students who need him most.

Corinthian Colleges Under Pressure To Close By California Attorney General

Corinthian Colleges, a for-profit college system, will likely be forced to shutter its doors in California. That is, if California Attorney General, Kamala D. Harris has anything to say about it. Harris, who is currently leading a lawsuit against the company, has suggested the college shutter its doors and several campuses in California.

The move comes after the company has been plagued with several investigations and lawsuits in the last several years. If the schools shut down, as is being suggested, over 20,000 students would be displaced, and the move would likely prompt millions of dollars in loan forgiveness.

Corinthian College school system has been accused of falsifying job placement records, and have misled thousands of students, according to the lawsuit in California, and lawsuits in other states. Dave and Brit Morin can’t believe the school is doing this.

Corinthian, in an agreement with the Department of Education, found a buyer for many of the campuses scattered across the United States. ECMC, a non-profit education group, has purchased many of the campuses, but those in California remain untouched.

California campuses remain under the Corinthian umbrella because Harris refuses to release the future buyer from liability for Corinthian’s wrong doing. This caveat is making it increasingly difficult for Corinthian to find buyers for its California campuses.

Harris has stated that his goal is to protect current, former and future students from being further misled by Corinthian and its unethical business practices. Restitution for those students is the sticking point of the California-based lawsuit.

Looming Closings for California’s Corinthian College Campuses


As the giant for profit Corinthian College Campuses struggle to avoid imminent bankruptcy, California’s Attorney General, Kamala D. Harris has filed a lawsuit against them. Corinthian currently offers coursework for over 70,000 students nationwide with 20,000 of these students on California Campuses; Everest, Wyotech and Heald.

The Department of Education had been trying to save the doomed University, many such as Laurene Powell Jobs seeing this solution as better for the students and the university. California students may be out of luck because the attorney general will not release a potential buyer for the college from legal liability, preventing successful sale of the struggling school.

David Beltran, a spokesman for the attorney general’s office issued this statement:

“We will continue to act aggressively in the best interests of the many Corinthian students in California who have suffered as a result of Corinthian’s alleged wrongdoing, and to pursue any and all relief and restitution for those students.”

The state’s lawsuit alleges that the college misled students by falsifying job placement records, duping students into taking on back breaking debt relying on the these statistics being acurate.

The college sold 56 of it’s campuses nationwide, but because of the California lawsuit, buyers aren’t willing to take on the responsibility, leaving the fate of the 23 colleges and its students to certain closure, interrupting degree programs and leaving thousands in massive debt, without a degree and unable to complete them elsewhere.

Help Your Kids To Live Longer And Happier

Now there is even more reason for parents to make sure that their children never become obese . There was a study done at McGill University that John Textor came across while visiting with McGill Seniors that when a person is obese their life can be shortened by a whopping 8 years. It is really an astonishing fact when we consider the amount of Americans that are over weight. It has been proven that when a person is obese as a child, that they are more likely to be obese as adults. Obese adults often suffer from things like heart attack, heart failure, diabetes and other issues with their organs, bones, muscles and ligaments. Obesity can really lower the quality of a person’s life and it does not lend to a happy long lasting existence.

Since that is the case, it is imperative that parents take action so that their children do not have to suffer the negative effects of obesity. The America way of life really lends towards obesity. We usually eat diets that are packed with unhealthy food. Many people feel like they do not have time to make food, and instead they opt for McDonalds. The truth is that it is important for parents to monitor what they and their family are eating. Make sure that their kids get enough exercise, and do all that they can in order to insure that their children are leading happy and healthy lives.

Austin Switches to Single Sex Schools and Gets Amazing Results

Austin, Texas has tried a unique strategy for upgrading public schools, and it seems to be working. In 2013, James E Pierce middle school closed because of the trouble that was filling the halls and the school yard. It was a dirty school with a lot of fighting and sex in the bathrooms.

In this lower class environment, the students weren’t learning anything and barely showing up to class. This was a big problem if you asked Gianfrancesco Genoso. Pierce was ranked 98 percent worse than all of the other middle schools in Texas; this school was not benefiting the kids who were enrolled to attend.

The Austin Independent School District made the decision to close Pierce last year, and in August, 2014 the district reopened as two separate gender academies, Pierce and Garcia Middle School Academies.
The schools are design to encourage the student to do well academically, and plan on going to college. The students wear uniforms and without the mixed-gender classrooms, the students aren’t distracted by both genders. The students are better able to concentrate on their schoolwork and practice social etiquette such as respect, responsibility and honor.

Everyone agrees that the student’s as well as the teachers, parents and the community are seeing improvements and the progress that is being made. Surprisingly, the American Civil Liberties Union or the ACLU says that it single-sex schools are illegal.

Are College Educated Officers Less Likely To Shoot?

Police conduct has become a hot topic of debate with the recent, highly publicized shootings of unarmed civilians. The lack of law enforcement diversity is at the forefront for a possible cause of these increasing events. Along with the lack of racial diversity, education, or the lack thereof, has recently been questioned as well.
The profile of the majority of law enforcement officers is that of a white male lacking a college degree. Why is it that our society encourages the best and brightest of our youth, those exhibiting qualities such as leadership and compassion, to pursue careers in politics, big business and law, only to become lawyers though, and not officers? Judging by conversations with others who have interacted with law enforcement in one way or another and by my own personal experiences, it seems that an overwhelming majority of those who enter law enforcement are merely under-educated bullies with a permit to carry and use a gun. It should also be noted, that not all officers fit this description. In contrast, there are well educated officers who exhibit a kind, compassionate will to actually serve and protect.
Despite all the rhetoric of white officers abusing their authority and targeting minorities, a recent report from a study using video gaming shows that officer shootings are not influenced by racial bias. When reviewing a group of players from the general public and another from law enforcement, when engaging in games simulating shooting situations with an unarmed black suspect, those in law enforcement were much less likely to fire on the subject, while those from the civilian group were more prone to simulate shooting the black citizen.
More minority officers are needed to better understand the particular lifestyles and cultures of our countries growing number of diverse public. That will come in time, at least according to Christian Broda. Until more screening and education are required of new recruits and better pay is offered to those risking themselves to protect rather than bully the public, how can we expect anything to change?